Star Wars fans get one last sneak peek of The Mandalorian


We get one more look at The Mandalorian before it premieres on Disney+. This time we saw just how much of a badass the Star Wars character is.

With The Mandalorian hitting Disney+ tomorrow, we got one last preview at the new Star Wars series.

The clip aired during halftime of Monday Night Football, confirming to fans what they already knew – the Mandalorian is a badass.

The clip features the bounty hunter entering a small cantina, but it seems one of the denizens wants to pick a fight with him. He yells at the Mandalorian in another language, including shouting “Hey, Mando,” to get his attention.

The Mandalorian acts as though he can’t hear or understand, but that’s not the case at all. He was just waiting or his moment.

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He takes out both men in mere seconds with limber moves and mix of tools and his blaster. He also uses what he has around him including a self-closing door. Good thing the clip cut off before the end of that scene. Yikes!

These clips are all about setting the tone, letting us know what to expect from the series. It features a number of Western themes, but also it’s a throwback to the original Star Wars trilogy. The lands were lawless and the only way to take care of problems was by doing it yourself.

It reminds me of the days of wondering ‘who shot first?’ The Mandalorian definitely shot first this time, but he wasn’t the instigator. This is how he builds his name, giving people something to fear.

Just one more sleep until The Mandalorian is here – or really just a few more hours.

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The Mandalorian premieres on Disney+ on November 12