Star Wars: 4 important moments from The Mandalorian series premiere

Pedro Pascal is The Mandalorian in the Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN.
Pedro Pascal is The Mandalorian in the Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN. /

Star Wars: The Mandalorian premiered with an interesting first episode. It gave insight in the galaxy, history and what makes the Mandalorian tick. Here’s a look at 4 important moments from the series premiere.

The Mandalorian’s first episode premiered on Disney+ on Tuesday with many interesting moments. The episode was filled with new characters, some backstory and a little twist.

Did the first live-action Star Wars series live up to the hype? Well, let’s take a look at the 4 important moments from the series premiere.

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The opening

If you watched every trailer for The Mandalorian, you would have already gotten a look at the opening scene. But it is an important scene.

It establishes several things about the Mandalorian. He’s not one to be messed with is high on that list. Three goons try to take him out and he dispatches of them rather quickly, using a combination of weaponry and his hands.

Yet, he is also someone with a code. When the bounty offers him more credits to release him, the Mandalorian doesn’t even react (at least we don’t think so behind that helmet). He stands by some sort of honor code we haven’t been introduced to yet, but it’s there.

It turns out the Mandalorian is part of a bounty hunter guild. There are rules and regulations to follow, and others to consider as well. A little order in a chaotic galaxy.

Also, the scene establishes his armor is important. The head goon asked if his armor is real Beskar Steel, which becomes important later.

His first line is also pretty harsh and memorable: “I could bring you in warm or I could bring you in cold.”

The armorer

Speaking of armor, the Mandalorian visits another Mandalorian who refers to their people as a tribe. There are several important things that happen in this room with the armorer (Emily Swallow).

The Mandalorian brings a piece of Beskar Steel to her. It’s one of the greatest commodities to give to a Mandalorian, which you can tell by their reactions. The armorer takes the brick of steel and turns it into a piece for his shoulder, but there is more left that it can help “the foundlings.”

The foundlings seems to be children who were left behind, perhaps another word for orphans. This is important to the Mandalorian because he admits he was once a foundling.

Then we see some memories of men, women and chidlren running away from an attack. A little boy is left in a safe place (kind of like Jyn Erso). We don’t know who found him, but it seems he grew up to be this bounty hunter.

The Mandalorian has a soft spot for kids.

Star Wars
Taika Waititi is IG-11 in the Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN. /

Killing mercenaries

The Mandalorian heads to an unknown planet where he is to catch a new bounty. This one is shady from the start. The bounty is 50 years old and that’s all we know about it.

He eventually gets to the encampment and meets IG-11, who is after the same bounty. Given there are dozens of mercenaries, IG-11 and The Mandalorian team up to take them down.

This scene shows his skill with a blaster and his ingenuity (and his dislike for droids). Even when caught in a bind, he’s able to think his way out of it. It did require the use of a canon, but it worked!

That ending

While most of the episode was giving us background and setting us up for the rest of season, the little twist at the end was one many did not see coming (even if you read spoilers and rumors).

When the Mandalorian and IG-11 find their bounty it turns out to be a baby.

Not just any baby. A baby Yoda.

The Mandalorian was told to bring the bounty in alive, but it seems as though IG-11 had other instructions because it was looking to immediately exterminate it, which is 50 years old but apparently Yodas age much more slowly than many other creatures.

Before IG-11 had a chance to kill it, the Mandalorian shot it through its droid head.

The scene ended with the Mandalorian holding out a finger to the baby who is reaching out to grab it, a very tender moment in a wild, violent galaxy.

Given the little we know of the Mandalorian’s history of being a foundling, it was clear he would never have done anything to hurt the baby. He immediately feels a bond with it because it’s a child with no one watching after it. Right now, all it has to care for it in the world is the Mandalorian, and it’s clear he isn’t going to let anyone harm it.

That certainly creates issues for his benefactor. Does he exchange the baby for loads of Beskar Steel that will help his tribe or does his internal beliefs side with a defenseless baby.

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What was your favorite scene from The Mandalorian series premiere?