The Mandalorian: Did Pedro Pascal just reveal his character’s name?


Did Pedro Pascal reveal The Mandalorian’s actual name? Looks like it in this recent interview.

So far, we only known him as The Mandalorian. But does the man without name actually have a name?

It seems as though it may have been revealed by Pedro Pascal himself in a recent interview with Screen Slam. Pascal known for his jokes and wit, however, did not seem to be joking when he mentioned the character’s name.

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When asked about meeting with Jon Favreau, Pascal talked about going to his office and seeing illustrations and story boards for the project he is working on and that’s when he mentions the name.

Are you ready?

The name: Din Jarren

The spelling might not be accurate, but that’s as close as we will get for now.

You can see the whole interview here with the name coming around the 2:33 mark.

It’s an interesting interview overall as it showcases Pascal’s excitement of the series. The Mandalorian is the first live-action Star Wars series, an ambitious project that already aired its first episode.

Throughout the first episode, he just goes by this moniker because of the armor and helmet he wears. His name is never said and it doesn’t seem as anyone – other than the Armorer – may actually know it.

His history is pretty important so it may be in flashback that we learn it. Or maybe it’s even a name he gave himself after the atrocities his people faced.

It will be interesting to see it gets confirmed from any official sources or if it gets revealed in an episode any time soon.

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The first episode is streaming on Disney+.