The Mandalorian: Did Dr. Pershing’s patch give away his intentions?


Does a patch on Dr. Pershing’s arm reveal the former Imperials intentions on The Mandalorian? It makes the puzzle pieces fit a little better.

As The Mandalorian streams new episodes, we are working on putting clues together as to why so many people want the child.

We got a big reveal in the second episode. Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen The Mandalorian yet.

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When Baby Yoda used the Force, it managed to surprise a lot of folks, especially the Mandalorian and Kuill. The Force isn’t something that is likely widely used as the galaxy had been purged of the Jedi decades before.

But the child using the Force is a big clue as to why it’s being chased. Yet it makes more sense when adding it with another piece of the puzzle from Chapter 1.

On Reddit, an eagle-eyed Star Wars fans noticed the patch on Dr. Pershing’s clothing. It looked awfully close like emblem from Kamino, the planet where the cloning facility was featured in Attack of the Clones.

It’s easier to see the images here on the Reddit thread.

What does it mean? While we can’t say for certain, it gives us an idea of what it could mean and why the Imperials would want a strong Force user whose aging process is slowed way more than other creatures.

It could have a tie-in to events of The Rise of Skywalker, but it may not. However, things are a little fishy when there is a Force user, a potential doctor with ties to cloning and Imperials involved. Jon Favreau could surprise us with where this is headed and I do expect there will be a twist or two on the way.

It seems Dr. Pershing would want Baby Yoda to clone him, which is why he wants him alive. A live subject is probably better than a dead one when it comes to cloning.

OR … what if the Baby Yoda is a clone and Dr. Pershing wants it back, which is also why it would be acceptable to get it back dead?

However, it still lends to the questions of who was protecting Baby Yoda with all those armed guards and why do so many others want it dead?

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What do you think of about The Mandalorian? Do you have a theory?