The Mandalorian: 5 big moments from Chapter 3


The third episode of The Mandalorian is here and we look at five big moments from Chapter 3: The Sin.

If you wanted more Baby Yoda, you go it. The Mandalorian Chapter 3 was chock full of cuteness – and loyalty.

Warning: If you haven’t seen Chapter 3 yet, this post is full of spoilers.

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The Mandalorian brought his bounty back to The Client, but it wasn’t going to be that simple. Here are the five biggest moments from Chapter 3: The Sin.

Mando’s hesitation

When our new favorite bounty hunter brought Baby Yoda back to The Client, even with all that Beskar Steel in hand, he still asked what was going to happen to the baby. Baby Yoda and Mando bonded in their short journey.

They kept each other alive. Without the Mandalorian by its side, IG-11 or some other bounty hunter would have killed it. Without Baby Yoda, the Mud Horn would have destroyed Mando. They owe each other their lives and that’s nothing to wash away.

The baby is also just that, a baby. The only two times it looked to use the Force was to try to heal Mando and when it stopped the Mud Horn from attacking. Both were moments for good.

How can you let something like that go? The answer: You can’t.

Dr. Pershing and The Clients’ conversation

We only heard snippets of their conversation, but there was enough to deduce their intentions were not pure (but we already knew that). The Client mentioned extracting the materials needed.

For whom? We don’t know. That part was filled with static and we couldn’t quite catch a name.

Yet, it seems more and more clear that Baby Yoda is wanted for some type of cloning experiment given the evidence we have so far.

Meeting the tribe

When Mando brings his reward to The Armorer, the other Mandalorians aren’t happy with him. He brought a huge bounty of Beskar Steel that was stolen in the Great Purge. One would think the others of his tribe would be happy to see that, but they weren’t.

Part of it stems from the fact that it seems the Mandalorians have to live in hiding. The aggressor mentioned how only one go outside at a time and it seems our bounty hunter is the chosen one. Maybe not everyone is OK with that.

However, they’re like any a lot of other families. They argue (some do so with knives). Then they got each other’s back when it matters most.

Coming together

And do they ever have each other’s back.

When Mando was pinned down — after removing Baby Yoda from the Imperials’ hold — by all the bounty hunters, the rest of his family came to save him without even questioning his intentions.

Why is he carrying around the cutest little green bundle you have ever seen?

Because he can. No questions asked. If that is that important to him, it seems it is that important to them too.

It didn’t hurt that they were sticking it to former Imperials who seem to be the cause of this Great Purge and why the Mandalorians are in hiding.

Even cooler, we got to see all the cool weapons and gear the Mandalorians possess including a familiar jet pack.

It’s not a toy until it is

The end of the episode was cute and showed how their relationship has changed. When Baby Yoda wanted to play with a knob from a lever on the Razor Crest console, Mando first took it and told him it’s not a toy.

At the end, he gladly gave it to him to play with, showing the bond between the two has grown.

Kids will make a toy out of anything, even little shiny knobs. Mando feels like his protector and a bit like a father to him in some ways. It’s kind of adorable.

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