The Mandalorian: Chapter 5 streams Friday on Disney+

Chapter 3. Pedro Pascal is the Mandalorian in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+
Chapter 3. Pedro Pascal is the Mandalorian in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

The next chapter of The Mandalorian sees a new bounty hunter enter the picture. Get the details on how you can stream Chapter 5.

We hit the halfway mark on the first season of The Mandalorian. In that time, Baby Yoda has become a cultural phenomenom.

Yet, there is still a story being told with Star Wars’ first live-action TV series. Right now, that story is a little murky. The Mandalorian is trying to keep Baby Yoda in hiding because it seems it is the most wanted creature in the galaxy.

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There’s just no end game.

Last week’s episode saw the Mandalorian finally meet up with Cara Dune, a former Rebel Shock Trooper who I wish was my best friend. The two of them taught locals how to defend themselves even against an AT-ST.

This week’s episode has a similar feel. It’s not necessarily focused on the bounty hunter and Baby Yoda, but instead telling a smaller story that is part of their bigger tale. It seems a new character gets introduced this week.

I’m intrigued as to whom this character may be. Perhaps it’s time we meet Bill Burr as it talks abut a rookie bounty hunter. That doesn’t describe what we know of Giancarlo Stanton, though it would be great if we got to see him as sooner rather than later.

Whomever it may be, we are here for it.

Here’s the synopsis for Season 1, Chapter 5 and get details below on how you can stream it one Disney+:

"The Mandalorian helps a rookie bounty hunter who is in over his head."

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Here are the details on how you can stream The Mandalorian.

Date: Friday, December 6
Start time: 6 a.m. ET
Episode: Season 1, Episode 5 ‘Chapter 5’
Streaming site: Disney +
Live streamStream 1

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