The Mandalorian: A wishlist for future seasons of the Disney+ series

Pedro Pascal is The Mandalorian in the Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN.
Pedro Pascal is The Mandalorian in the Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN. /
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With more seasons of The Mandalorian coming, here’s a wishlist of what we hope to see in future episodes.

The Mandalorian recently concluded its first season. While Star Wars’ first live-action show has given us much to reflect on, it has also given us just as much to anticipate in future episodes. With this in mind, here is a wishlist of some of the familiar faces, places, etc., we fans would love to see in the upcoming season and, hopefully, beyond.

Sabine Wren 

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Both a founding member of the Rebels and a Mandalorian, Sabine Wren would make a great guest character to appear on a future episode(s) of the Disney+ series. Sabine is different from the Mandalorian, in that she doesn’t follow the same code about removing her helmet. Whether this means that they belong to two different sects of the Mando’s, or that she would be considered a an outcast is yet to be seen.

In any case, it would be nice to see a life-action iteration of a familiar character, especially one that is an ambassador for the Mandalorians and the Rebels. How exactly could this character be integrated into The Mando’s story is unclear, but with Rebel’s showrunner Dave Filoni also involved in this series, this wish might be closer to a reality than not.

Temuera Morrison ( Jango Fett, Clone Troopers) 

Besides familiar characters that would be nice to see in future episodes of The Mandalorian, there are also a few actors that we’d love to see as well. Among them, Temuera Morrison, who portrayed not only Jango Fett, but was also the template for the Galactic Republics clone trooper army.

The Mandalorian has already featured a couple of Star Wars alumni in the first season including Dave Filoni (Star Wars Clone Wars/Rebels/The Mandalorian director) and Clancy Brown (Savage Oppress), so having Morrison make an appearance would be a nice way of connecting the streaming series with the previous films.

As to whom he could play, there are many possibilities. While seeing Morrison play an older Clone Wars trooper would be cool, the best character to see him play would be Boba Fett. Morrison himself has actually expressed his interest in playing Captain Rex, if he were to return.

Jeremy Bulloch 

In keeping with the theme of familiar actors we’d love to see appear on The Mandalorian, we couldn’t pass up the original Mandalorian bounty hunter, Jeremy Bulloch. Mr. Bulloch is familiar to Star Wars fans as the first actor to play the notorious Boba Fett.

Without his contribution, The Mandalorian may not have ever happened. After all, it was Bulloch’s cool, menacing demeanor that helped create the persona behind the helmet, and thus imprint the character into the psyche of us fans. This, in turn, gave other actors a template for playing Mandalorians.

Mr. Bulloch also took off his famous characters helmet to play other roles seen in the Star Wars films.  He was Imperial officer Sheckil on Cloud City in Empire Strikes Back (the Imperial that grabs Princess Leia after Vader springs his trap), and Captain Jeremoch Colton, an Alderaanian pilot seen in Revenge of the Sith (the pilot that helps Bail Organa rescue Yoda after his battle with Palpatine).

Even though Mr. Bulloch recently retired, maybe he could be Jedi mind-tricked into coming back to play in a Star Wars project one last time. It would be nice to see him come full-circle and do a cameo as a Mandalorian elder, or an aging bounty hunter.

Yoda (Or, another of The Child’s species)

Baby Yoda a.k.a. The Child’s appearance on The Mandalorian instantly made him a spotlight stealer. In fact, he’s become more of a celebrity than the show’s titular character. Yet, for all of his and Yoda’s popularity, there is still so much about these characters origins that are unknown.

Hopefully as the series progresses the show’s creators will finally begin to reveal some of these missing details. Such as: What are they called? Where are they from? Are all of their kind force-sensitive? Talk like this, do all of them?

Other than the character’s origins, it would be nice to see an appearance by other members of the Child’s species. Especially Yoda, since he is the most well-known of them. Having flashbacks of Yoda,or an appearance by his Force Ghost, would be something us fans would go in a frenzy over.