Star Wars: 10 reasons a Doctor Aphra TV series must happen

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Star Wars is announcing all kinds of series in the coming years, but any hopes of a Doctor Aphra series are still merely rumors. Here are 10 reasons it has to happen.

Disney+ has completely changed how the viewing public consumes the Star Wars universe, and with the Skywalker saga behind us, the future is a wide-open treasure trove of content that can be set in the galaxy far away.

Just in the past year, we’ve learned Obi Wan is getting a series, Cassian Andor is getting a series, a rumored new Star Wars movie series will take place in the High Republic, and there’s more to come.

One such thing fans are hoping will come is a TV series centered on Doctor Aphra, the original graphic novel character who began her rise to Star Wars immortality in the Darth Vader comic series. She was just so great that they had to give us more. And every step of the way has been a tremendous journey that has been nothing if not unique.

There is no guarantee that an Aphra series is coming (although it sounds hopeful), but what do we have if not hope?

There’s so much content to come from in this series, and with it continuing this year, we will be able to see where the storyline takes us, but even if the series deviates from the comic book line, Doctor Aphra is a character that deserves the screen.

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And so, if you needed any further reason why Aphra should make it beyond the page, I’ve compiled a list of ten reasons. As a courtesy, I’ve left Black Krrsantan off, since I feel like I’d just be belaboring the point after how much I’ve advocated for his screen debut (Obi-Wan series! Bring it!)

Anyway, enough dawdling. Let’s talk specifics. We’ll start with No. 10.