Diego Luna reveals his son’s surprise reaction to the Rogue One ending

There’s nothing like being a hero in your kid’s eye. But all that changed for Diego Luna’s son after watching Rogue One.

As Star Wars fans, we were all surprised and devastated by the ending of Rogue One. There were plenty of characters we fell in love with during the movie to only watch them meet their ends in the name of the rebellion.

One person had an entirely different reaction. Diego Luna, who played Cassian Andor in the film, revealed his son’s reaction while on Conan on Wednesday.

“My son was devastated,” Luna said during the appearance. “He’s like, ‘You’re the worst.’”

It seems Luna’s son blamed his father for the character’s death. If the kid is a Star Wars fans, he might have imagined his father being in a number of different movies under the franchise.

And why not? That’s what happened to the characters in The Force Awakens and the previous trilogies. Perhaps Cassian Andor had a chance to do more.

While his role was integral in the rebellion taking down the Empire by helping Jyn Erso get the plans to the first Death Star, it was a one-and-done moment.

That was until Disney+ came along. Luna will now be starring in a new TV series for the streaming platform that will star him and Alan Tudyk as K-2SO in an obvious prequel to Rogue One. There is no release date for the untitled series yet.

How did Luna’s son take this news?

Apparently, he still doesn’t believe it. The show has to be on air for his boy to know it’s true. Until then, he’ll just go on being disappointed that his father got himself killed in his first Star Wars movie.

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