Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren No. 3 review

Ben Solo moves closer to the dark side in The Rise of Kylo Ren No. 3. The issues marks an important turning point and gives Ben his dark side look.

The turning point for Kylo Ren’s soul is almost here in the Star Wars comic series depicting Ben Solo’s younger years.

But each issue gets us one step closer to Ben’s turn to the dark side. In issue No. 3, Kylo finds the Knights of Ren and is looking to join up with the Force-sensitive chaos makers. In order to join the Knights of Ren, a person needs to have a good death. So, Ren asks Kylo if he has one.

Luke Skywalker doesn’t count because no one is convinced he is actually dead. Instead, Ben tells the story of the first person he killed.

It’s a sad story from so many angles. Kylo heads to Elphrona to find the way to the Knights of Ren, but his fellow Jedi students — the only survivors of the fire at Skywalker’s Jedi Academy — follow him. They’re out for blood because they think Kylo is the reason everyone is dead, but they think he’s done it by his hands.

The problem is they never take a moment to listen and to actually figure out what happened. Instead, feelings and anger got the better of the Jedis in training.

It’s not unfounded though. Ben is not willing to talk. He is pushing everyone away and only wants to deal with Snoke and the Knights of Ren.

So when the other Jedi show up on Elphrona, things don’t go well. A fight ensues and Ben nearly kills Voe by sending her off a cliff. However, he uses the force to step her descent, saving her life. Yet, that’s not what they see. They see her getting sent off the cliff by Ben and automatically think he is trying to kill her.

Hennix, one of the other Jedi, gets to the cliff and attempts to fight Ben and save Voe, but the disruption makes Ben lose his hold on Voe.

While Voe’s fall is broken, Hennix is not so lucky, He threw his lightsaber at Ben and it spins back to him, seemingly killing him. Then he forces the temple to crumble trapping Voe and Tai.

The tale doesn’t impress Ren and neither do Ben’s clothes. Ren is going to let Ben run with his crew but he needs a better outfit. Ren decks him out in his black clothing that we get to know him in during the sequel trilogy.

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The Rise of Kylo Ren No. 4 is out on March 11.