Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 4 review: Echo’s choice

Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 704 “Unfinished Business” .. Image Courtesy Disney+
Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 704 “Unfinished Business” .. Image Courtesy Disney+ /

In the final episode of the Bad Batch arc on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Echo fights to prove that his brothers can trust him to do whatever it takes to win.

In the previous three episodes of this arc of  Star Wars:The Clone Wars, we have seen the Bad Batch form close bonds with both Rex and Echo. Once presumed to be dead, but now very much alive, Echo quickly learns he may have to earn the trust of his brothers after spending so much time trapped behind enemy lines.

Though Rex is quick to put his full faith in his fellow trooper — which could have gone terribly wrong — it takes a series of dangerous maneuvers before the rest of the clones see just how hard Echo is trying to play his part in winning a crucial battle against the enemy.

Plugged directly into Admiral Trench’s network, Echo is able to turn the outcome of the fight in the Republic’s favor. At least until the other side discovers what he’s up to and sends his signal pulse back at him before he can transmit the final piece of code that would have disabled the ship’s ticking time bomb.

The shock nearly takes Echo out once and for all, forcing Anakin to implement a few “unconventional” tactics to help Windu disable the bomb. Admiral Trench does not survive the encounter, but it’s likely there are few disappointed by that fact.

After a close victory, Rex and his team prepare to head out on their next mission. The Bad Batch decide they’re going to stay behind, with an open offer for another clone to join their squad.

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In the end, Echo decides he is best suited to stay behind with the Bad Batch, bidding what we have to assume to be a final farewell to Captain Rex.

There really couldn’t have been any better way to round out Echo’s story. When it comes to sacrifice, risking your life to save your brothers and your team doesn’t always have to mean you don’t survive.

In this case, Echo did prove he’s still worthy of being called a hero. Even more so, he found a batch of brothers that truly made him feel he belonged. He still has a purpose to serve in the war — he knows that now.

And of course, this all means Rex can go on to the missions ahead with the closure he needed. He always felt guilty for leaving a man behind. He doesn’t have to feel that way anymore.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t trouble ahead. If you didn’t already know Rex is heading toward more darkness than he or any of his fellow clones could have ever imagined, you’ll see it very soon.

What’s coming next in the second arc of this final Clone Wars season? Oh, just the adventures of a wandering togruta who may or may not have trained alongside a few famous Jedi.

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What did you think about the end of this first arc? Was it better than you expected? What do you hope to see next?

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