Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 5 review: Ahsoka lives

Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 705 “Gone With a Trace” .. Image Courtesy Disney+
Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 705 “Gone With a Trace” .. Image Courtesy Disney+ /

After years of wondering what happened to Ahsoka after walking away from the Jedi Order, we finally meet her on Coruscant again.

Technically, the last time many of us saw Ahsoka Tano was when she was about to embark on a mission with Sabine Wren to find Ezra (and Thrawn?). It’s only been a few years since then. But it’s been many more since we watched a much younger Ahsoka walk away from her former life as a Jedi.

When The Clone Wars aired its final episode on television (season 6 would later drop exclusively on Netflix), the last shot we got was of Ahsoka walking away from her master and the Jedi Order as a whole. Most of us never thought we would get to see what happened to her after that.

And yet, here we are.

Presumably not long after one of the most heartbreaking moments in Star Wars television history (don’t even mention the name Kanan to me right now), we meet up with Ahsoka again.

Far below the upper levels of Coruscant, she meets two struggling sisters and quickly learns just how dangerous living in the “underworld” can be. She’s doing a pretty good job of hiding the fact that she’s a Jedi … until she has no choice but to use the Force to save Trace from a deadly fall.

Thankfully, only one kid seemed to notice what she was doing (will that come back to haunt her later? Probably), so for now, her secret is safe. But how long can she keep it from her new friends? That’s what we’re going to find out in the three episodes that follow.

Did “my older brother taught me [how to fight]” snap anyone else’s heart in half? Because I’ve watched this episode twice now and it wounded me the second time even more so than the first.

That was a perfect way to showcase how she’s dealing with the pain of walking away from what was basically the only family she had ever known. Spoiler alert: she’s not handling it well.

In a lot of ways, Ahsoka’s story is going to run a few thematic parallels to Rey’s in the episodes to come. She doesn’t know her place in the galaxy anymore. She’s going to do what she can not just to lay low, but also to find people who can make her feel like she belongs somewhere.

We know she eventually meets back up with Anakin and Rex. But we don’t know if that’s part of this arc or the next one, and we don’t know how close to the end of the season it is. So it’s likely we’re going to see a lot of “coming of age” moments coming soon. Which is fantastic. Ahsoka is growing up, just like some of her younger fans.

Side note: What’s going to be her first self-defense weapon that isn’t a lightsaber? She has to have one living down in the danger zone, right? A blaster just doesn’t seem fitting for our wandering hero.

Side note to that side note: Morai. Where is she?

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Where do you hope to see Ahsoka go from here? How did you feel about seeing her again?