Star Wars The Old Republic Onslaught Expansion in full swing for 2020

Star Wars: The Old Republic.. Image Courtesy BioWare, EA GAMES
Star Wars: The Old Republic.. Image Courtesy BioWare, EA GAMES /

Star Wars: The Old Republic Onslaught Expansion brings the story back to the Republic vs Empire war, after 2 years on the Zakuul war storyline.

Star Wars The Old Republic has an interesting distinction in the Star Wars fandom because it’s the only ongoing Legends story remaining. And this allows them to take the Legends stories that came before this game and forge their own path going forward.

Star Wars: The Old Republic starts in 3641 BBY, and takes place over 13 years of in-game time. The game begins during a Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Players take control of one of sixteen classes, with four per faction, with two classes per archetype story.  Each story shows one aspect of the building war.

Players play as the heroic Jedi Knight who tries to save the galaxy from the evil Sith Emperor, the mystical Jedi Consular who illuminates the shadow of the Dark Side, the heroic Trooper who does the military operations nobody else can, and the jovial Smuggler who does the things that can’t be done officially by the Republic. Players can also take on the powerful Sith Warrior, who acts as an enforcer for a powerful Sith in a similar way to Darth Vader, the Sith Inquisitor in their unquenchable lust for power, the Bounty Hunter who fights for credits and challenge, or the secretive Imperial Agent who works to uncover a conspiracy that threatens the entire galaxy.

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After completing the class stories, players head into the “class flavor/faction-specific” part of the story where they take down Darth Malgus when he betrays the Empire over Ilum, then on to Makeb where they try to save the people from the dying planet as Republic players or try to retrieve resources as the Empire. They can also go through the Dread Masters storyline with their friends, which ends on Oricon. After that, they head into Shadow of Revan, a combined story that has both factions work toward the same objectives.

After Shadow of Revan, the game heads into the Zakuul storyline, where players work to stop the threat of the Eternal Empire while creating an Alliance of members of both the Republic and Empire as they try to stop the rampage of the Children of Valkorian, as well as Valkorian himself at the end of Knights of the Eternal Throne.

And it is the ending the Knights of the Eternal Throne that allowed Bioware to bring in the sixth expansion, Onslaught, this past October. In Onslaught, players are able to either remain loyal to their original faction or to become a saboteur for the other side. This gave Bioware the chance to bring back the beloved faction-specific stories for players, as the war between the Republic and the Empire escalates once more now that Zakuul is no longer a galactic power.

With two updates to the Onslaught story now under their belts, Star Wars: The Old Republic is definitely prepared for the future of the game. There is plenty more to come to this unique bit of Star Wars fandom.

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