Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 6 review: Back to Kessel

Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 706 “Deal No Deal” .. Image Courtesy Disney+
Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 706 “Deal No Deal” .. Image Courtesy Disney+ /

Ahsoka joins Trace and Rafa on a job that takes them to Kessel. None of them expect the trip might end in disaster on the latest Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

All Ahsoka Tano wanted when she walked away from the Jedi Order was to be on her own on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. But it seems she can’t resist the urge to help protect others — even if it means trying to keep two naive sisters out of trouble.

Instead of speeding off into the distant skies of Coruscant on her own like she planned, Ahsoka quickly finds herself on an unexpected voyage to an all-too-familiar planet.

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Even though she insists on accompanying Rafa and Trace on their “top secret” job, she is immediately suspicious when she learns refined spice — and the Pikes — are involved. And rightfully so, since Trace’s panic leads to a dangerous landing without the promised precious cargo.

Ahsoka is quickly learning her Jedi ways still aren’t always going to be enough to keep her and those around her out of trouble. Though she’s able to convince the Pikes to hand over the sisters’ payment, the episode still ends with their transport hopelessly trapped in a tractor beam.

The one moment that stands out the most features Anakin and his former Padawan momentarily sharing the same airspace. Anakin knows she’s on that transport ship, and she knows he can sense her.

Their bond hasn’t broken because she walked away, and that’s going to matter further down the line — in more ways (and TV shows) than one.

You can absolutely watch The Clone Wars without ever having seen Rebels and vice versa. But it’s moments like these that make watching both shows worth the time. Anakin and Ahsoka will be able to sense each other again just like this but on a much more treacherous scale.

I’m personally hoping Trace and Rafa never find out Ahsoka was a Jedi — I like the secrecy, and it would be a great way to foreshadow what’s to come once she has to go into hiding and could be executed for revealing who she is (or used to be).

But this arc is building up to something — somehow Ahsoka will end up back with Rex and fighting alongside clones (and against Maul) on Mandalore. Maybe the Pikes are connected to him somehow. Maybe we’ll get a reference — or a visual — sooner than we thought.

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed that these “slower” episodes will have a worthwhile payoff. They’re too smart to waste limited episodes and time on details that don’t matter. Whatever’s ahead, it’s going to be unforgettable.

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Do you think Ahsoka will have to reveal her Force sensitivity before the end of this arc? Or can she keep it a secret?

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