New report gives more details on The Mandalorian’s newest character

Chapter 3. The Child and the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+
Chapter 3. The Child and the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

New details have emerged on Michael Biehn’s new character for The Mandalorian. Role and costume have been revealed.

There has been a little more info released on Michael Biehn’s Season 2 character for The Mandalorian.

Making Star Wars has more news since being the first with the initial story on Biehn’s upcoming appearance in Season 2 of the Star Wars show. It’s not a lot of news, but it gives slightly more context on what we can expect.

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It was confirmed he would be playing a bounty hunter. MSW is reporting the bounty hunter is from Din Djarin’s past. MSW also says that a number of Biehn’s lines will touch on his iconic roles in Terminator, Aliens and other films.

This has a lot of potential and could be fun. It also seems reminiscent of the episode from Season 1 where Din Djarin wound up in Tatooine. There were a lot of moments for hardcore fans with all the fan service anyone could ever hope for.

The other bit of news from Making Star Wars is in the costume for Biehn’s bounty hunter. You can see artwork for the costume here.

It’s a neat outfit, one that certainly says bounty hunter, but it still doesn’t tell us what side he’ll be on.

Perhaps Biehn’s bounty hunter is chasing Din Djarin for the likes of Moff Gideon. Or he’ll be helping him out because the few moments we have seen from Mando’s past shows him helping people and doing things that are within his personal code.

Mando doesn’t come back to save The Child if he didn’t believe in what he was doing. He doesn’t allow a town to get destroyed for the sake of destruction.

I want to believe he is here as an old friend – and not the type of friends we met in The Prisoner. While they weren’t friends, Din Djarin also didn’t spend his time with the best the galaxy had to offer.

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The Mandalorian second season is scheduled to arrive in October on Disney+.