The High Republic era won’t be delayed

Photo: Star Wars: The High Republic Jedi Concept Art.. Image Courtesy Disney Publishing Worldwide
Photo: Star Wars: The High Republic Jedi Concept Art.. Image Courtesy Disney Publishing Worldwide /

According to Star Wars writer Cavan Scott, the High Republic stories won’t be delayed and are going “full steam ahead.”

The entertainment industry is among the countless businesses that have been upended by the current global pandemic. Production has ceased for all movies and television shows, along with many release dates being rescheduled or postponed indefinitely.

Season 7 of The Clone Wars is the major focus for Star Wars at the moment, but it is still airing as originally scheduled. Once The Clone Wars ends, the next major focus for Star Wars will be the High Republic era, which begins in August with Charles Soule’s novel Light of the Jedi. The novel will be followed up by an array of exciting books and comics written by talented Star Wars writers.

With so much in flux at the moment, fans are understandably curious about whether these stories will be delayed. One fan even reached out to Cavan Scott on Twitter about this very question.

Scott has written numerous Star Wars stories in the past and will be write an ongoing High Republic comic from Marvel. Here’s what he had to say to this fan’s query:

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Scott’s response is promising for all fans looking forward to the High Republic era. It sounds like his comic and all the other planned books and comics are moving forward as planned.

All the stories sound intriguing, but Scott’s comic seems particularly appealing as it will show Jedi of all ages and experiences working together as a team, including the promising young Jedi Keeve Trennis. She questions herself as she is surrounded by legendary Jedi aboard the Starlight Beacon, which is the Jedi’s base of operations in the Outer Rim. That’s only the beginning, as things get much more complicated after the galaxy is hit by the Great Disaster, a mysterious and devastating event that will tie all of the initial High Republic stories together.

Some fans were disappointed that the High Republic was kicking off with books and comics instead of beginning with a movie, television show, or video game. Regardless of the reasons that decision was initially made, it’s working out for the better given current circumstances. Movies and shows would’ve had to halt production or may not have even had a chance to begin production.

Instead, Star Wars fans can still count on the High Republic books and comics and have something exciting to look forward to in these uncertain times.

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