Star Wars: Capital Supremacy helped save Battlefront II

When the game first launched in fall of 2017, fans and critics alike were up in arms over EA’s use of the loot-box system in Star Wars Battlefront II.

When the game first launched in fall of 2017, fans and critics alike were up in arms over Star Wars Battlefront II’s  use of the loot box system.  Over two years since the game’s release, EA has made up for their mistake and then some.

The current rights-holder to all Star Wars video games,  EA has been no stranger to criticism.  Aside from the aforementioned loot-box debacle, the gaming giant was routinely criticized for its lack of content in both the campaign and multi-player areas of Star Wars Battlefront II.

The criticism game to a crescendo with a particular reddit comment, and EA quickly realized that they needed to right the ship. They began by making all future DLC free to all players, something not often done with any AAA title. But perhaps their most important upgrade came with an addition of a new multi-player game mode; Capital Supremacy.

Capital Supremacy came as a breath of fresh air to Battlefront fans. One of its major perks is that its matches that last longer than five to ten minutes unlike Blast and Galactic Assault, which can sometimes feel like empty shoot-’em-ups. Perhaps most important of all, it ushered in an era that fans had long been wanting to experience in the game; the Clone Wars.

The introduction of this era brought about the return of some familiar faces. Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Grevious and many other fan favorites from the prequel era are now playable heroes. The new multiplayer mode also brings back a familiar feature to many longtime fans .

Those who played the original installments of Star Wars Battlefront in 2004 and 2005 will remember the command post system that was the staple feature of both games. Fans were teased with a return to this system in Star War’s Battlefront’s (2015) Supremacy mode, but the new and improved Capital Supremacy is a welcome return to what made fans fall in love with Battlefront almost two decades ago. It combines the classic command post gameplay with objective based action that can keep matches going for nearly an hour while providing a truly immersive battlefield experience that is unique to Star Wars.

Without the introduction of Capital Supremacy, it is entirely possible that we may have never gotten a Jedi Fallen Order and the future of Star Wars games would not look nearly as bright as it does now.

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