Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker novel shows the origin of Dark Rey’s lightsaber


The third chapter of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker novelization sheds light on the lightsaber Dark Rey wielded in her vision.

Star Wars fans saw the clip of Dark Rey wielding the dual-bladed red lightsaber. It then flipped open into a weapon looking more like Darth Maul’s.

At the time, we all wondered where did it come from? Why was this the weapon of choice for Rey on the Dark Side? As we hit Chapter 3 in The Rise of Skywalker novelization, we get a clearer picture.

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Rey has raw fighting abilities. As a scavenger on Jakku, she had to know how to defend herself. She did that with her staff. We saw when it came to fighting, Rey handled her staff well and was more comfortable with that over a lightsaber.

In Chapter 3, Rey was using Luke’s fixed lightsaber, however, she was working on building her own. While she was building a serviceable weapon, the one she really wanted looked different.

From the novel:

“In fact, someday once she had mastered this lightsaber-building business, she might design one that felt more like a quarterstaff in her hand. Familiar and hefty. Two business ends. Maybe with a hinge in the middle for portability.”

Sound familiar?

It exactly as the one Dark Rey held, which we only know from the movie because we haven’t hit that part of the book yet. To jump ahead, it makes her vision more interesting because it takes from parts of her that know else knows about.

Rey didn’t tell anyone about the type of lightsaber she would like to use. Then when she sees herself as part of the Dark Side, she is holding her weapon of choice, which makes it all the more believable.

Meanwhile, Rey continues to struggle with her visions and feelings for Kylo. She still can’t talk to anyone about them either, including Leia.

Also, in Chapter 3 Poe, Finn, Chewie and Klaud meet with their informant. Poe does his skip jumping routine and get away from the First Order.

This chapter also has the moment where Kylo’s helmet is reforged. This brings the Knights of Ren back to him, who will serve his needs. The description went deeper into how the helmet, lined with red iron, is more like a peek into Kylo Ren’s new self.

“The mask was a thing of jagged beauty. Shaped just as before, but now full of red fractures like crimson lightning.

Broken and re-formed. Like the Knights. Like his grandfather.”

Perhaps just like Ben Solo one day.

Even though Kylo Ren is back, he still can’t get his mind off of Rey. While in a briefing room with the First Order, he displayed what happens to traitors and those that questions him. He brought the head of the Resistance’s informant to them and then killed a general in front of everyone.

While many were scared – including Hux – Kylo informed that he intended to search for the scavenger. The Emperor wanted Rey dead, but that’s not at all what Kylo wanted. And Kylo is done doing what others want.

Kylo still wanted Rey to rule by his side. Even though she turned away from him after defeating Snoke and his Crimson Guard, Kylo wanted to be with her more now than ever.

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