Star Wars the Old Republic updates the game to version 6.1.1

Star Wars: The Old Republic.. Image Courtesy BioWare, EA GAMES
Star Wars: The Old Republic.. Image Courtesy BioWare, EA GAMES /

Star Wars the Old Republic updates the game to version 6.1.1 and brings in the promised double XP event that will last until the end of May.

On April 21, 2020, Star Wars the Old Republic released its 6.1.1 update. And with that update comes the patch notes.  These patch notes list numerous quality of life updates for the game in preparation for the eventual release of 6.2 coming this fall.

The patch notes highlight two things; the changes to the Conquest system and the Double XP event that is currently going on.

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The Conquest system allows players to complete objectives in the game that they’d normally complete for extra rewards, such as credits, crafting materials, stronghold decorations and items to be sold for credits. And if a player is in a guild, performing Conquest objectives grants the guild bonuses, especially if the player is running Conquest objectives on a planet the guild controls.

The Conquest aspect of the 6.1.1 update makes it easier to track Conquest objectives, and even adds more for players to complete.

Additionally, the Double XP event was highlighted, starting on April 21 and ending on May 19. And this event will include regular XP, Renown XP, and Conquest XP buffs.

But no SWTOR update goes by without bug fixing. This round fixed some lingering issues with the real money shop that is the Cartel Market, as well as numerous general ones that affect all players. Some of the updates include restricting players from going to Dantooine until they get their ship so they can leave the planet, fixing the bounty contract board for Imperial players, and fixing the taxi terminals on Alderaan.

There are also numerous rebalancing on the individual classes that make them a little fairer in PVP and group PVE content.

There were also fixes to the player economy that is the Cartel Market, where filters were not remaining after a new search was taken. Also, mislabeled items from vendors on Onderon have been corrected, and extra currencies for several events have now been converted to Legacy currencies, meaning that they are no longer tailored to an individual character; they can now be used by any character on the server.

There were also many updates to missions. Some highlights include fixes to the French and German versions of “The Task at Hand”,  issues with alignment dialogue throughout the game, fixes to the companions and contacts window for Lord Scourge, and a renamed mission for Jedi Knights due to a lack of cultural sensitivity when it was first created.

PVP Warzones will now queue faster, as well as have their buffs last longer.

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It is currently unknown as to when the dev team will be able to bring us more story content with version 6.2, but these updates to how Conquest works will give a lot of players things to do while they wait.