4 Star Wars books we need now that The Clone Wars is over

Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 709 “Old Friends Not Forgotten” - Image Courtesy Disney+
Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 709 “Old Friends Not Forgotten” - Image Courtesy Disney+ /
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STAR WARS REBELS – “The Lost Commanders” – Ahsoka sends the Rebel crew to find and recruit a war hero to their cause, but when they discover it is Captain Rex, trust issues put the mission at risk. This episode of “Star Wars Rebels” airs Wednesday, October 14 (9:30 PM – 10:00 PM ET/PT) on Disney XD. (Disney XD)

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1. A Sabine stand-alone novel … because Mandalorians!

Sabine was born in 21 BBY, while the Siege of Mandalore took place in 19 BBY. So while she was technically alive when the Republic became the Empire, Mandalore under Imperial rule is basically all she has ever known.

While she may not remember much about life before the Republic fell, much of her family does. It would be interesting to have a story that reflected on her time growing up as a Mandalorian while also fleshing out her time in the Imperial Academy and the events that led up to her leaving it. Maybe even a little more about how she came to join the Ghost crew.

Getting to see Ursa Wren in Clone Wars reminds us that she’s seen a lot — a lot of death, a lot of destruction, and a lot of pain. How does that affect Sabine as she’s growing up? How does it shape her as a warrior?

Let’s also consider the fact that Mandalorians in general are a hot topic right now, thanks to a certain Disney+ show. Combine Mandalorian lore with a character many fans have already fallen in love with — and some tie-ins to the Siege of Mandalore, of course — and the ingredients for a hit Star Wars book are there and ready to go.

If Sabine shows up at any point, whether it’s in The Mandalorian or somewhere else, a book about her would also be a good way to introduce more Star Wars fans to her character. You can never have too much Sabine Wren.

Star Wars books have been around for decades, and more and more seem to come out with every passing year. There are plenty of stories left to tell. These are only just a few of many future possibilities.

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Whose story do you want to read more about in a future Star Wars book?