3 reasons to be excited about a Taika Waititi Star Wars movie

Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian Episode 1 "Directing" - Taika Waititi on the set of THE MANDALORIAN. Image Courtesy Disney+
Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian Episode 1 "Directing" - Taika Waititi on the set of THE MANDALORIAN. Image Courtesy Disney+ /

A new Star Wars movie from Taika Waititi is in the works. Here are three reasons why fans should be excited about his involvement.

Rumors of Taika Waititi being involved in a Star Wars project ultimately came true on May The Fourth, when it was announced Waititi would direct and co-write a new movie. A new Star Wars film will always generate anticipation, but with Waititi’s name attached, it made the reveal that much more exciting.

Here are three reasons why fans should be thrilled about Taika Waititi developing a new Star Wars movie:

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No. 1: He’s an accomplished director, writer, and actor

Waititi’s filmography demonstrates a range of projects, from the low-budget What We Do in the Shadows to an MCU blockbuster in Thor: Ragnarok. In 2019, Waititi wrote and directed Jojo Rabbit, which was nominated for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay at the 2020 Oscars, taking home the latter award.

Waititi’s Best Adapted Screenplay win highlights his ability as a writer to craft a story out of previously published material. This skill will be crucial to creating a new Star Wars film given the numerous works already out there that serve as a foundation for the franchise.

Additionally, Waititi has a handful of acting credits. Understanding both sides of a film — behind the camera and in front of it — gives him a holistic perspective that will only benefit his work.

Alongside Krysty Wilson-Cairns, who is accomplished in her own right, the duo should have no problems weaving in bits of Star Wars lore while creating a fresh story, rather than a rehash of what’s already been done.

No. 2: He has a unique, comedic style

One thing is clear about Waititi: he loves comedy. Waititi’s revamped version of Thor in Ragnarok helped inject life into the previously stone-cold character. The Oscar-winning Jojo Rabbit is a clever, satirical movie that also tackles a dark topic.

Waititi knows how to expertly balance humor and story, which is important to have in a Star Wars movie. Comedic moments in Star Wars help to cut the tension in usually serious plots. Sometimes the humor is too in-your-face, or even accidental, and that’s when it falls short. But it can also be well-timed and natural, reminding fans that this franchise is about fun, too.

For example, the season finale of The Mandalorian opened with two stormtroopers impatiently waiting on orders. Everything about this scene is entertaining, from the troopers missing every shot of their “target practice” to their friendly bickering. Given the cliffhanger ending of the previous chapter, this opening wasn’t expected, yet it was the perfect way to ease audiences in to an otherwise serious episode.

Guess who directed that season finale? Taika Waititi.

No. 3: He already took part in a Star Wars  training course and excelled

Waititi’s previous success with Star Wars illustrates that he already knows how to work within franchise. As mentioned, the filmmaker was one of the guest star directors during season 1 of The Mandalorian, handling the final episode.

Waititi’s finale was one of the best episodes of the season given its ability to balance key Star Wars hallmarks of humor, surprises, and action while pushing forward a new story.

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The season 1 finale featured awe-inspiring and moving moments, often with ex-bounty-hunting droid IG-11 at the center — who, by the way, was voiced by Waititi!

Waititi’s involved role with The Mandalorian helped introduce him to the Star Wars universe, which is an exciting-but-daunting entity to tackle. The pressures and complexities that arise while working for the franchise have caused some directors to step away or be removed. The fact that he not only was involved but put forth incredible work is an encouraging sign of things to come.

Furthermore, the lessons he took away from collaborating with key Star Wars figures like Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni will prove valuable as he sets out to develop his own project. Not many directors get to benefit from a Star Wars training course like Waititi did with The Mandalorian; hopefully that experience will set him up for further success with the franchise.

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