Star Wars comics from Marvel and IDW are back on the schedule

Photo credit: Phil Noto/Marvel Comics
Photo credit: Phil Noto/Marvel Comics /

Star Wars comics are back on the schedule

One of the industries hit by the global pandemic was comics. Many stores and distributors had to decrease operations, and companies pushed releases back.

The good news is things are finally moving again and comics are starting to show up after a hiatus of no new releases.

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Marvel released its first physical Star Wars comic this week with Doctor Aphra No. 1. IDW Publishing is also scheduling new titles, but the newest issue won’t hit stores until late June.

The Doctor Aphra series is interesting because we’re headed back to “one” again. The digital copy came out on May 4, but the physical issue was released this week about seven weeks after its initial solicitation for April 1.

The issue takes place in 3ABY, after the Battle of Hoth. Doctor Aphra is on a new adventure with new friends.

The next IDW issue isn’t scheduled until June.

IDW updates Star Wars comics schedule

IDW went on a similar break with its comics, but just announced its new release schedule. While the issue that focused on life after The Rise of Skywalker had to get pushed, Star Wars Adventures No. 32 issue will finally come out on July 8.

Other issues, including SW Adventures: The Clone Wars will come out throughout the rest of the calendar year.

It’s been a difficult time for fans, store owners and distributors as everyone has had to navigate everything going on in the world while trying to remain safe. There are some areas that are slowly re-opening and that includes curbside pick up for many comic stores.

With new comics coming out, perhaps it’s worth checking to see if your local store is delivering.

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