Star Wars: 4 things we learned from The High Republic chapter reveal


What did we learn from Star Wars: Light of the Jedi first chapter?

Many fans are excited for Star Wars: The High Republic and were certainly disappointed when the first book in the series was pushed to 2021. But at least we get a preview with the first chapter of Charles Soule’s book Light of the Jedi.

And what a tease it was.

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IGN had an exclusive look at the first chapter, which introduced us to a world of Star Wars we don’t know yet.

The first chapter featured Medda Casset, a captain of a freighter who runs her ship as though she were still in the military– with a firm, yet kind hand. She’s diligent, careful and empathetic. But none of that could save her from her disaster.

Even though the first chapter of Light of the Jedi was short, we still learned more about this time of the Jedi and what the galaxy was like at the time. Here are four things we learned from this chapter.

Star Wars: The High Republic No. 1: Life seemed perfect

When looking at it from the perspective of the Jedi, it seems as though life was good and where the Jedi hoped it would be. The High Republic is described as “a peaceful union of like-minded world where all voices are heard, and governance is achieved through consensus, not coercion or fear.”

That sounds great. Perfect, even. However, we know it won’t last since we know where the galaxy is headed centuries later. Yet, at some point It was like this – or at least some thought it was.

That’s the tricky thing about communities like this. It sounds good, but you always know there is something festering below the surface.

Star Wars: The High Republic No. 2: The Outer Rim

The Outer Rim is still as lawless as ever, but just less populated. It also seems this time period shows The Outer Rim as a place that was a bit more hopeful.

Casset is headed to The Outer Rim with 60 or so settlers as they plan on building a new life out there. Pirates are still an issue, but the hopes and dreams of what their lives could be like in The Outer Rim are bigger.

The passage reads:

"These worlds are filled with opportunity for those brave enough to travel the few well-mapped hyperspace lanes leading to them, though there is danger as well. The Outer Rim is a haven for anyone seeking to escape the laws of the Republic, and is filled with predators of every type."

Some things never change.

Star Wars: The High Republic No. 3: Hyperspace travel isn’t that safe yet

In the current Star Wars stories, it seems we take hyperspace travel for granted. Need to travel light speed? No problem. For the most part, there are plenty of hyperspace lanes to get to where you need to go.

That’s not the case just yet. There are some hyperspace lanes, but still more than need to be discovered. Also, hyperspace obviously has its own issue. If you read the first chapter, why would you want to travel that way anytime soon?

Star Wars: The High Republic No. 4: It’s going to rip your heart out

I don’t know even know Medda Casset and I’m already devastated. If this first chapter is any indication of things to come, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

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Star Wars: Light of the Jedi comes out Jan. 5, 2021.