Obi-Wan series: 3 new rumors have surfaced


Obi-Wan Kenobi is likely to be a different state of mind compared to what we saw in Revenge of Sith.

There might have been a few production changes in the works for the Obi-Wan television series we have waited so long for. Due to the events going on around the world, we’re still waiting for the much-anticipated show; it has yet to start principal photography. While we wait, Star Wars News Net has provided a few new rumors to go over.

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Two different time periods

It’s been rumored that the Obi-Wan series will take place during two different time periods. The first being where we see Kenobi currently between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope while there will also be uses of various times during the Clone Wars.

The series is believed to jump between time periods to explain what was going through Obi-Wan’s mind during this time in his life. This would be handy to explain certain elements of his friendship with Anakin and possibly what he was like as a leader. Sure, The Clone Wars covered a lot of this, but we’d be seeing some of these moments from Kenobi’s perspective.

Clone Wars attire

It is hinted at in Star Wars News Net’s rumor post that Obi-Wan will wear his Clone Wars armor which was seen during the first couple of seasons of The Clone Wars before his outfits were changed to resemble his Revenge of the Sith getup.

This is a great idea if it is true. There’s been countless fan interpretations of what the armor would look like in fan art. It would be a great way to tie the two pieces of media together.

SWNN also speculates that Anakin and Cody will also wear their TCW attire which brings us to our next rumor…

Anakin and Cody

It’s been rumored for a while that Obi-Wan will be joined by his former apprentice Anakin Skywalker who will once again be played by live-action actor, Hayden Christensen (who, of course, portrayed the character in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith).

The second part of this rumor includes Commander Cody, Obi-Wan’s second-in-command and one of the many clones of Jango Fett. This has not been mentioned previously. If the rumor is true and Anakin and the clone do appear in the series, then they may end up wearing the variations of the character’s attire from The Clone Wars. 

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