NYCC 2020: Three new Star Wars Funko Pops! are on the way

Luke and Leia Funko Pop! NYCC 2020 Exclusives. Photo: Funko.
Luke and Leia Funko Pop! NYCC 2020 Exclusives. Photo: Funko. /

Funko has revealed three new Star Wars Funko Pops! for New York Comic Con 2020.

Three brand new Funko Pop! figures on their way from Star Wars, and they’re all exclusives to New York Comic Con 2020. The event was originally supposed to take place in New York City, but like San Diego Comic-Con this year, it will now be held virtually. That means that fans will also have the chance to nab the new Funko Pops! online once the convention begins on Oct. 8.

The first of the three new Funko Pops! is from The Mandalorian. While the hit Disney+ TV series has had a decent stock of Funko Pop! figures already, you can always have more. And now, that includes the latest NYCC exclusive: The Child with Pendant. This features Baby Yoda holding a necklace with the Mandalorian symbol on it, and Yahoo reports the Pop! will be available sometime in October on Amazon. It will cost roughly $15.

The next two Pops! are actually sold in a bundle, but it makes sense seeing as they feature… twins! Now fans can get a Luke and Leia set that’s straight from Episode IX — The Rise of Skywalker. The Pops! are from the flashback scene where Luke is shown training Leia with a lightsaber, and we see each of them digitally de-aged with their helmets off. The Pops! here feature Luke with his green lightsaber and Leia with her blue one.

Per Yahoo, the figures are packaged separately but sold together, so it will cost fans $30. And the figure will be available to buy some time in October from the Funko shop.

Exclusives are always highly sought after, so you’ll want to keep an eye out on when the Pops! will be released. For San Diego Comic-Con, the Funko exclusives were released basically at the very start of the convention, and many of them sold out without a moment’s notice. With NYCC 2020 starting on Thursday, Oct. 8, you’ll likely want to mark your calendars for that day if you want to nab one or all of these Funko Pop! sets.

Meanwhile, there are still more Star Wars Funko Pops! to be released, and that includes a set that’s based on The Empire Strikes Back. The set includes six Pops! that all deal with the battle on Hoth, and the latest one to be revealed was Princess Leia at the command center. The sixth and final Pop! in that set has yet to be revealed.

So, that’s two upcoming Princess Leia pops for those who are interested. And Funko has many more Pops! in store for NYCC that will be out soon.

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