The Mandalorian fans are recognizing Cobb Vanth actor Timothy Olyphant from The Office

The day has finally come for Star Wars fans! The Mandalorian season 2 debuted on Disney+ in the early hours this morning, and people can’t get enough. If reviews and tweets are to judge, it looks like the premiere, a.k.a. chapter 9, is a hit. We can’t wait to get more of this awesome story (and more Baby Yoda screen time) as the season progresses week by week.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Let’s get into chapter 9! There are definitely major moments in season 2 episode 1 that people have been talking about all day, such as that major reveal at the end and an appearance from a familiar actor in disguise.

On top of that, viewers are totally obsessing over Timothy Olyphant’s introduction as the character Cobb Vanth. In the episode, Din Djarin is on a search for other Mandalorians. When Mando meets Cobb, he’s wearing legitimate Mandalorian armor, but surprises Din Djarin (along with audiences) when he takes off his helmet.

Wondering why Olyphant might look so familiar? Twitter users are starting to recognize him from one of his most hilarious roles.

Timothy Olyphant The Office

If you watched the always-popular series The Office, then you’ll likely remember Olyphant for his role as Danny Cordray, the traveling salesman who Pam Beesly once went on a date with. His character is introduced in the season 7 episode “The Sting,” when various workers at Dunder Mifflin try to figure out how he’s so good at his job.

You’ll probably remember the scene in which Meredith tries to seduce Danny. Too funny! He’s depicted throughout his few episodes as a suave, attractive, and successful man, who nearly everyone is just a little bit intimidated by.

Now, after seeing Olyphant in The Mandalorian, people are of course already making memes about it.

Twitter is too quick, per usual.

In addition to The Office, Olyphant is famous for his roles in the TV shows JustifiedSanta Clarita Diet, Deadwood, and more recently, the new season of Fargo.

To continue watching Din Djarin and Cobb Vanth’s journey this season of The Mandalorian, keep tuning in every Friday on Disney+.