Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes adds The Mandalorian’s Kuiil and IG-11

Kuiil, featured in Star Wars Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Photo courtesy of Star Wars.
Kuiil, featured in Star Wars Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Photo courtesy of Star Wars. /

Two favorite characters from season 1 of The Mandalorian are being added to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes!

More characters are coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes — and of course, it’s right on time for the currently streaming second season of The Mandalorian on Disney+. And as of this month, you can begin bringing two memorable Mandalorian characters to battle: Kuiil and IG-11.

The rollout began on Nov. 6 when Kuiil was first added to the fan-favorite game. We’re sure no one can forget this character from season 1. He was the stern ugnaught alien who helped the Mandalorian learn to ride a blurrg, helped him acquire the Child, and even gave his life to protect the Child from the evil remnants of the Empire and Moff Gideon himself.

Here are Kuiil’s abilities, according to the developers:

"Kuiil’s Special Ability, “I Have Spoken,” introduces the new “Mechanic’s Savvy” buff, which is tailored to work especially well with Scoundrels and Droids. Scoundrels will benefit from increased Critical damage perks, while Droids receive increased Offense and revive capabilities. One Droid in particular, IG-11, will help Kuiil during battle by ensuring the Ugnaught can’t be Critically Hit or Stunned when they’re in the same squad."

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
The Mandalorian characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Photo courtesy of Star Wars. /

As for IG-11, fans will remember him as the bounty hunter droid-turned-caregiver who, in fact, was programmed by Kuiil after being shot by the Mandalorian. After Kuiil died in season 1, IG-11 was the one in charge of returning Baby Yoda back to safety with Mando, and he eventually sacrificed himself by self-destructing to get a few stormtroopers out of everyone’s path in the finale.

Here’s what IG-11 will be able to do:

"In addition to having a pack filled with ridiculously cute cargo, IG-11 brings some nursing skills to battle by healing up his allies mid-battle. He also serves as a protector by Taunting and stealing the enemy’s health to keep his allies safe. IG-11 adds even more utility to Scoundrels and Droids, as he assists during enemy’s turns and dispels Debuffs."

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
IG-11, featured in Star Wars Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Photo courtesy of Star Wars. /

A first look at the two was featured in the first Mando Monday shared by Star Wars. You can see so in the video below around the 15:20 mark.

The full release date for the characters goes as follows, so act quickly to make sure you can participate in the rest of the Galactic Challenges this month!

  • 11/06 – Kuiil: Droids vs Empire
  • 11/13 – Kuiil: Droids vs Empire
  • 11/20 – IG-11: Bounty Hunter vs Scoundrel
  • 11/27 – IG-11: Bounty Hunter vs Scoundrel

Back over on the forums for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, the dev team shared an update on how you can make sure you unlock the characters. Here’s the “too long, didn’t read” version of what they had to say:

"2x Galactic Challenges during the month of NovemberFollowed by Additive Drops on Cantina Nodes, Shipments, Weekly Shipments, and Chromium PacksThen permanently available on a Hard Node"

Star Wars is teasing that more characters will be coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes from the Mandalorian season 2. We’re thinking Cobb Vanth is an excellent character to start with.

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Which Mandalorian character would you like to see in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes? Let us know in the comments.