The Mandalorian memes: Season 2, episode 4

The Mandalorian season 2, chapter 12
The Mandalorian season 2, chapter 12 /

We’re officially four episodes into The Mandalorian season 2. Where has the time gone?! This week, in chapter 12, Din Djarin is reunited with familiar faces from season 1, when he heads to Nevarro and meets up with Cara Dune and Greef Karga.

Mythrol also makes an appearance, Baby Yoda goes to school, and the crew find out that Moff Gideon is still very much alive. With The Child more in danger than Mando thought, the final scene teases the introduction of Dark Troopers, and we know Gideon has a plan up his sleeve.

If you were also hoping for Ahsoka Tano to make an appearance this episode, we apparently got our hopes up too soon. However, given chapter 13 is rumored right now to be titled “The Jedi,” perhaps we aren’t too far from her highly-anticipated introduction.

The Mandalorian chapter 12 memes

In the meantime, check out 15 of the funniest and most relatable memes from the episode.

1. Basically all you need to know.

2. Which one is cuter? I’m going with Baby Yoda.

3. It just wasn’t working out.

4. We were all fools.

5. The cutest thing to ever exist, truly!

6. We could have a full spinoff of Baby Yoda in school.

7. Macaroons all day!

8. We need a crossover between The Child and Netflix’s Emily in Paris

9. Did you catch that?!

10. It never gets old.

11. Um, hello?! Dark troopers? Stressful. 

12. There’s only one way this season can end.

13. The episodes are always too short!

14. It’s happening! I hope…

15. Expect this to happen.

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