Star Wars: Squadrons producer talks game updates

Screenshot from Star Wars: Squadrons (2020). Photo via EA/Star Wars.
Screenshot from Star Wars: Squadrons (2020). Photo via EA/Star Wars. /

Ever want to fly starfighters? Well, there’s more content coming your way in the new update to Star Wars: Squadrons.

Star Wars: Squadrons fans, get ready to fly into the abyss of space because your starfighters are the now the focus of a massive two-part update. The game has become such a huge success since its debut in October that the team behind the game wanted to issue a huge thank you to everyone.

The “thank you” comes in the form of a free content update which contains a map for multiplayers of Fostar Haven and four brand new ship components as well as two new starfighters.

Thomas Mir, a producer for Star Wars: Squadrons spoke with about the update and how the fanbase responded to the game.

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Mir mentioned in his interview the idea of the game is for the fans to enjoy and ensure they do for many more years to come. He stated also that when it comes to titles like Squadrons that there is a huge level of expectation, and he’s absolutely right. So many fans have dreamed of flying their own starfighters, and this game has finally given them the opportunity do that. And with this new update, they’ll also get to fly the B-Wing and TIE defenders.

The producer throws credit to the fans who have given their feedback as to what they want in the game. They also wanted to be as thorough as they could be with having players be allowed to fly on both sides of the conflict, which helps with the different types of ships that are available throughout the game.

What’s more, the interview mentions that the B-wing will also be available to use not just during the Battle of Endor but during the New Republic parts of the game too.

As for the Imperials, be prepared to see Grand Admiral Thrawn pop up in the second half of the update which launches in December.

Mir even mentioned what the most popular type of ship is in the game.

"We’ve seen a lot of people using bombers because, in terms of gameplay, it makes the most sense . The X-wing is very popular just because, you know, X-wing."

The producer said that it has been fascinating seeing what the fans have been putting together with the content.

"We’ve seen some people doing tournaments online for Squadrons already. I don’t have the details on how they managed to match 10 people together, but they are going to be happy about some of the things we’re releasing."

This really goes to show how creative the fans of Squadrons are and how much they want the game to succeed. There’s nothing quite like a first-person perspective game to get the creativity flowing.

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