Loungefly unveils adorable bags and more featuring lots of Baby Yoda

Loungefly The Child collection. Photo: Loungefly.com.
Loungefly The Child collection. Photo: Loungefly.com. /

Loungefly has some new accessories that are all about The Child, a.k.a., Baby Yoda!

With the holidays here, now is the perfect time to be looking for gifts for your loved ones (or, honestly, gifts for yourself). And thankfully, there are plenty of gifts out there for all sorts of Star Wars fans, including those who can’t get enough of The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda.

Last season, the reveal of Baby Yoda cost Disney and Star Wars a lot because they did not have any Baby Yoda merchandise ready for the holiday season, let alone the rest of 2019. (That was all at the risk of avoiding spoilers, we’re sure.) But now, Disney and Star Wars are making up for that by giving us tons of merchandise featuring The Child, including a new line that was just released by Loungefly.

The reveal was announced as part of the weekly Mando Mondays, which feature new Mandalorian-themed drops every Monday, from accessories to collectibles and even video game updates. And this new line from Loungefly looks absolutely adorable. The line, which you can see in full on their official site, features several items — and all of them will have you saying “this is the way!”

The most expensive item in the collection is their signature backpack. Featuring both the Star Wars and the Loungefly logo, this Baby Yoda-print bag comes in at $70. If backpacks aren’t your thing, then the line also includes a foldable wallet as well as a crossbody purse. In the accessories department, there are two items: a Mandalorian lanyard with an artsy cardholder and a Child “precious cargo” keychain, so you can take the Child with you wherever you go.

Elsewhere on Loungefly, there are tons of other Star Wars bags and accessories. That includes its previously released Mandalorian merch that you can still buy today. All items from Loungefly’s new The Mandalorian collection are available for purchase now.

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