3 plot lines in The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special that would work for Episode X

Poster for the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. Photo: Disney+.
Poster for the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. Photo: Disney+. /

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special was an entertaining ride through the history of Star Wars. It also included some plot threads that could be the basis for the next trilogy.

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special was basically made as a semi-parody that celebrated the history of Star Wars, and maybe help wash away the memory of the original Star Wars Holiday Special, which is considered an absolute mess and a disgrace of a production. While the special was extremely lighthearted, it also included elements that would make a ton of sense for the basis of a new trilogy or even a spinoff sequel to The Rise of Skywalker. Here are a few story threads that would make a lot of sense to see explored in a continuation of the Skywalker saga.

1. Rey training Finn

This is the most obvious and logical plot point that was utilized in the LEGO holiday special that would certainly be touched on in any film set after The Rise of Skywalker. In the Skywalker saga finale, we learn that Finn is Force-sensitive. Obviously, with Rey being the last Jedi and a master at that, after defeating Palpatine, she would take her friend on as her first student.

We see her training Finn in the Falcon using the yellow lightsaber she created out of her staff and using the old remote Obi-Wan used while training Luke. There are a couple of moments in this scene that do a great job of building off the characters that were established in the sequel trilogy and a very likely scenario should we ever see them again.

First, is that Finn is getting frustrated with his struggles with the remote. He was always an emotional character and to see him get upset when he fails, is not a shock. We also see Rey rely heavily on the Jedi texts. She stole these from Luke Skywalker on Ahch-To and other than having a meeting with the Force ghost of her former master, it is her only connection to the Jedi teachings of old.

She says in the special that she’s gone through them hundreds of times, and when we saw Rey last on the big screen, she often paged through these ancient texts when she was trying to learn new Jedi techniques or find details on the Sith.

Rey’s goal following the events of The Rise of Skywalker would be to bring the Jedi Order back. Her taking on Finn as a student, as seen in The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is definitely something we would see if the story ever gets picked back up and pushed forward.

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. Image Courtesy Disney+
LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. Image Courtesy Disney+ /

2. Exploration between worlds

This is a bit of a left turn from where the story in the holiday special went but the same basic idea remains. In the LEGO Star Wars special, Rey is desperate to figure out how to better train Finn and reads about a way to unlock a rare skill at a remote Jedi Temple on Life Day. Turns out this skill is the ability to travel through time and Rey gets to see her master get trained and also learn quite a bit from Master Yoda himself.

While Rey wouldn’t be looking to time travel in a sequel trilogy to the sequel trilogy, one thing she could end up doing would be trying to bring Ben Solo back to the world of the living. If Rey truly is an avid reader of the Jedi texts it is possible that there is a snippet in one of them about the World Between Worlds. This is basically a time continuum state where different areas of time can be accessed. This world was last seen in Star Wars Rebels where Ezra Bridger was able to travel back in time and save Ahsoka Tano from being killed by Darth Vader.

Rey may look to do the same with Ben and that could be one of the main driving points of another Star Wars trilogy or even a stand-alone Episode X. Rey was clearly in love with Ben Solo by the end of the ninth chapter, and if there was a way she could save him or bring him back she is the type of headstrong person who would pursue it. There could be a lot of fine line walking with attachment here and Rey could find herself being torn between the light and dark, which would only make the story even more fascinating.

While Rey’s goal wouldn’t be to time travel, it would be to bring Ben Solo back, she may end up traveling through time to make that happen, just like we saw in the holiday special.

3. The relationships

One last thing the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special showed that could be seen in any sort of film beyond Episode IX is the relationships. We first see Rey training Finn. As mentioned above, that is a clear and obvious event that would take place following The Rise of Skywalker, as Rey would be looking to train anyone she could find who showed some Force-sensitivity.

We also see that Poe still has feelings for Zorii Bliss and when she shows up, he gets all excited and even scores a smooch. That was a loose thread that was left at then of the ninth episode but clearly there is more to their story. We also see all the droids together, while BB-8 does take off to help Rey on her journey, we see D-O, Threepio, and R2 hanging out on the Falcon, which makes a ton of sense.

Chewie is still opting to hang with his friends rather than his family and with all that he’s been through with this new gang, it’s easy to see that continuing for the walking carpet. It’s also good to see the Porgs are still prevalent as their attachment to Chewbacca and the Falcon is still going strong. One final relationship we see is between Lando and Jannah. It is hinted strongly and even confirmed in a comic or novel that Jannah is Lando’s daughter. They were looking to go on some quest together after the Battle of Exegol and if they are indeed father and daughter they would surely look to be making up for a lot of lost time.

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special kept the relationships that were established in the sequel trilogy going strong. If we ever were to visit these characters again seeing them continue to interact with those closest to them would be something we’d all expect to see in future installments.

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