The Mandalorian memes: Season 2, episode 7

The Mandalorian chapter 15 "The Believer"
The Mandalorian chapter 15 "The Believer" /

The penultimate episode of The Mandalorian season 2 has arrived on Disney Plus, and it looks like Din Djarin is getting closer and closer to rescuing Baby Yoda from Moff Gideon and the Imperial Army. Chapter 15, titled “The Believer,” saw the return of Bill Burr’s character Migs Mayfeld, who travels with Mando to Morak.

Although Grogu is sadly not present in this episode, we do get to see Mando without his helmet, and he delivers a rather awesome and heartfelt speech to Moff Gideon that’s likely to tug at your heartstrings a tiny bit.

If you’re here to check out some of the best memes and tweets about “The Believer,” then you’ve come to the right place.

The Mandalorian chapter 15 memes

1. All you need to know about this episode!

2. That armor was looking great.

3. Total Mad Max vibes.

4. When I tell you I screamed.

5. I’d like to be respectful but that’s not possible!

6. Can we just call Mando “Brown Eyes” now?

7. Din Djarin is going through it this season!

8. We were truly blessed to see Pedro Pascal’s face.

9. The most adorable line.

10. Mando needs to get Liam Neeson’s Bryan Mills up in here. 

11. Things are about to get real next episode!

12. We have no choice but to stan Mando.

13. This is the outcome we need to see.

14. I’m in denial that next week is the finale.

15. We’re all in love with Mando at this point, let’s be real!

The Mandalorian season 2 finale debuts on Disney Plus next Friday, December 18.

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