ShopDisney adds new Star Wars pins from Her Universe

Star Wars pins from Her Universe. Photo:
Star Wars pins from Her Universe. Photo: /

Pin collectors will need to make room in their collection for these new Her Universe Star Wars pins available on the shopDisney website!

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Fans of Star Wars and Her Universe rejoice for the release of new pins now available at shopDisney. The beautifully crafted pins combine both creative and familiar Star Wars themes that will look splendid on a bookbag, sweater or pinboard.

The pins include a Star Wars Lightsaber Logo PinAhsoka Lives Pin, and Death Star Pin. The pins reflect mostly the Jedi and Rebel Alliance with the wonderful messages of “Hope” and “Love.”

Not to mention, there’s one pin devoted to the strong and loyal Jedi Ahsoka. But as previously mentioned there is the Death Star Pin for those who miss the planet-destroying space station.

Perhaps we will see more pins that reflect the dark side in the future. Perhaps even ones inspired by The Mandalorian.

Although you can never go wrong with choosing the Star Wars Lightsaber Logo pin, which uses four different lightsabers in red, blue, purple and green to create an almost neon sign design to the classic look.

These pins are $15.99 each, include a Her Universe branded card, and are on a limited release — so make sure to purchase yours before they sell out!

They can make great last-minute gifts for the stockings or even after the holiday gifts for birthdays and other celebrations. Keep your eyes open for coupon codes that can help save you some extra money as well.

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You can view these and more Star Wars pins by heading to the shopDisney website. What new Star Wars pin designs will Her Universe come out with next?

What do you think of these Star Wars pins? Comment below, I’d love to find out!