Fortnite introduces new bounty hunting challenge in Mandalorian update

The Mandalorian Limited Time Mode in Fortnite. Photo: Epic Games.
The Mandalorian Limited Time Mode in Fortnite. Photo: Epic Games. /

More The Mandalorian-themed goodness is coming to Fortnite this season, and it includes a few things that Star Wars gaming fans are bound to love. In an announcement from Epic Games today, they unveiled the latest “LTM” (Limited Time Mode) to hit the game that includes an extra prize for the victors.

This LTM is called Mando’s Bounty, and it’s part of the Chapter 2 season 5 battle pass called Zero Point. The event began about 2 months ago and, as evident by the new update, it’s still ongoing. And since the battle pass is themed after bounty hunting in general (i.e., it’s not a full Mandalorian theme), it’s good to see that they’re offering a limited-time update to bring more Mando into the action.

In Mando’s Bounty, you’re basically a part of the Bounty Hunters’ Guild like Mando. You can go in solo or with a team, and you’ll be assigned bounties in the game to take out. With each bounty taken out, you earn Galactic Credits. And whoever reaches the Credits goal wins the match. But that’s not all. The announcement mentions that if you’re in the lead, the Mandalorian himself will be hunting you. So watch out!

On the Fornite YouTube channel, a quick trailer for the LTM was released, and you can watch that down below.

How to get The Mandalorian Umbrella in Fortnite

Now, we’ve yet to mention the prize for whoever claims the victory royale. If you do come out on top of a match, you win a new beskar umbrella. The Victory Umbrella that you can win in this match is adorned with the Mandalorian Mudhorn signet. And it’s quite the score to get if you’re able to claim the victory.

There’s also another fun Star Wars Easter egg in this pack: you’re able to visit a new cantina! It looks like a cross between Mos Eisley and the iconic cantina from The Mandalorian that Mando was known to frequent. You won’t quite be getting your bounties from Greef Karga over there. (You’ll have your Bounty Puck to help you out with that.) But you can explore Kit’s cantina on the island, which they note is located in the desert.

Fortnite the mandalorian
Kit’s cantina on Fortnite. Photo: Epic Games. /

It looks like there’s a lot of fun in store for this new LTM. But you’ll want to act quick, as it only runs from today, Feb. 2, to Feb. 9 at 9 a.m. ET.

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