Amazon Kids+ just added a fun feature to help you learn Star Wars languages

C-3PO Translate key art for Amazon Alexa. Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog.
C-3PO Translate key art for Amazon Alexa. Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog. /

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Have you ever wanted to learn the languages from the Star Wars Universe? Well, now and your children can learn together thanks to a new skill from Amazon Kids+!

Upon using the magic words “Alexa, open C-3PO Translates!” C-3PO and SD-89 will begin teaching phrases in Shyriiwook (the iconic language of Wookiees) and Droidspeak (the language of droids).

Together, you and your family can have fun by learning and practicing the languages with several characters such as co-pilot Chewbacca and helpful BB-8!

This is a wonderful activity to do that brings everyone together for some indoor wintertime fun! Who honestly doesn’t want to be able to understand Chewbacca’s growls or R2-D2’s beeps?

Amazon Kids+ adds the C-3PO Translates skill that teaches kids two alien languages from Star Wars

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Who knows, maybe after learning Shyriiwook and Droidspeak, you will be able to finally understand what Chewbacca and R2-D2 were saying in the Star Wars films. It would certainly make for one interesting movie viewing marathon.

Maybe this can create a little friendly competition to see who can learn the languages the fastest and translate them correctly.

What languages will Amazon Kids+ add next in the C-3PO Translates skill? I’m personally looking forward to the addition of Huttese (the Hutts language) and Mando’a (the language of Mandalorians).

But for now, being able to understand and talk to Wookiees and droids will suffice.

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What other Star Wars characters would you like to be able to communicate with using Amazon Kids+? Comment your answers below!