Legends of Mandalore: Star Wars’ most legendary Mandalorians from the Old Republic

Shae Vizla Korriban (Mandalore the Avenger). Photo: Lucasfilm.
Shae Vizla Korriban (Mandalore the Avenger). Photo: Lucasfilm. /
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Mandalore the Indomitable rides his Basilisk war droid. Photo: Lucasfilm.
Mandalore the Indomitable rides his Basilisk war droid. Photo: Lucasfilm. /

2. TE KANDOSII MAND’ALOR (Mandalore the Indomitable)

Group Affiliation(s): Crusaders, Brotherhood of the Sith
Species: Taung
Gender: Male

Occupation: World Conqueror, Mand’alor, general
First Appearance: Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi — The Sith War # 1 — Edge of the Whirlwind

Character History:

An early successor to the mantle of Mand’alor, this new leader was led by a vision on the planet Shogun to abandon his religion that worshiped a trinity of gods in favor of worshiping war itself. Essentially, Mandalore the Indomitable’s epiphany made both the act of war and those who waged it divine. Thus, his Crusaders were moved by a religious fervor to raid other planets and overwhelm their predominant species, just as they had with the mythosaurs of Mandalore.

The Indomitable and his Crusaders later clashed with a Sith lord named Ulic Qel-Droma after the Mand’alor came to claim the Sith’s empire. The Mand’alor challenged the Sith Lord to a duel using only mythosaur axes but was defeated by the other’s superior fighting skills. Instead of slaying the defeated Mandalore as he requested, the Sith chose to spare his opponent’s life. The Indomitable in turn swore fealty to his new ally and became the Sith’s general and adviser.

This new alliance between the Brotherhood of the Sith and the Crusaders led to what became known as the Great Sith Wars. The Indomitable led many skirmishes against the Jedi and Old Republic, including a battle on Coruscant — the Taung species’ original homeworld that they had been exiled from over a millennia ago. Although the odds were in their favor, the battle on Coruscant would ultimately lead to the capture of the Sith’s leader and a temporary power grab by his mistress, Aleema Keto. The Indomitable, though, sensed treachery from his new commander and sought help from another Sith named Exar Kun. The two of them then mounted a successful rescue mission against the Jedi who were holding Qel-Droma prisoner.

Eventually, the Indomitable’s reign as Mand’alor would come to a gruesome end following the Battle of Onderon, the final battle of the Mandalorian Crusades. While retreating from the Republic’s reinforcements the Indomitable’s Basilisk War Droid was shot down over the Onderon moon, Dxun. Despite surviving the crash, his good fortune soon turned ill, after he was surrounded by a pack of the moon’s deadliest predators who overwhelmed and devoured the leader of the Mandalorians.

Powers/Skills: Mandalore the Indomitable was an expert hand-to-hand combatant, possessed a high-level of resilience, strong tactile skills, and naturally heightened physical abilities/senses inherent in his species. He also wore a suit of armor that gave him other enhanced abilities including near invulnerability, projectiles, energy blasts, force fields, etc.

Weapon(s): Although trained in the use of a multitude of weapons and firearms, his preferred weapon of choice was the mythosaur axe, which he used to challenge the Sith Lord, Ulic Quel Droma for control of his Empire.

Desperate Measures: The Basilisk War Droids that the Crusaders rode were created by an intelligent reptilian species called the Basilisks who had devolved into mindless beasts after poisoning their planet in a last desperate effort to drive away their conquerors.