Fan creates wicked cool replica of the Razor Crest ship from The Mandalorian

Razor Crest ship from The Mandalorian. Photo courtesy of Disney+.
Razor Crest ship from The Mandalorian. Photo courtesy of Disney+. /

When it comes to Star Wars fans, nothing can hold them back from bringing the best parts of the movies and TV shows into real life. We’ve seen this done by expert cosplayers who love channeling their inner Star Wars characters through fabulous designs. And we’ve even seen World Record holders create a realistic lightsaber that would make even George Lucas gasp.

And now, another Star Wars fan is showing off that they too can bring a fun element of Star Wars into the real world: its ships. First reported by CBS News, the fan (who goes by JustAyaal on YouTube) set his eyes on creating a larger-than-life replica of the Razor Crest. It’s the (now destroyed) ship that Din Djarin flies in the series The Mandalorian — and since the show debuted, it’s become one of the most iconic ships in Star Wars history.

According to CBS, the fan is based in Russia and has had an extensive journey so far when it came to building the ship. They report that building the ship took over a year, with a few road bumps including financial constraints and the COVID-19 pandemic. They even reported “the owner’s friend had to sell his car,” in order to help fund the project. As you can see by the video below, it’s been an all-hands-on-deck effort to create this ship, and the results are absolutely stunning.

Fan-made replica of Razor Crest ship

In January, JustAyaal shared an update on YouTube showing some of the construction of the Razor Crest. You can see the wooden frame of the ship and the building team putting together all the pieces. From that clip, you can even see that it is, in fact, big enough for someone to stand inside the back loading area. And judging by the thumbnail, apparently even the cockpit is big enough too. Plus, the door is also completely fully functional so you can make your way onto the ship or exit via the rampway.

We’re excited to see what the team decides to do with the fully completed ship. It may not be able to fly into outer space in real life, but they can definitely have some fun creating their own Mandalorian adventures using a little movie magic, we’re sure!

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