Funko discontinues Cara Dune Pop!, plus more Funko Star Wars updates

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Funko Pop! Cara Dune (Black Shirt). Photo:
Star Wars: The Mandalorian Funko Pop! Cara Dune (Black Shirt). Photo: /

Toy and collectibles company Funko is adding in its two cents into the Gina Carano/Cara Dune scandal, and it comes with a surprising (or not-so-surprising?) announcement. The company has reportedly discontinued the Cara Dune Funko Pop! from The Mandalorian.

This was discovered by the social account DisFunko, which shared an email announcement from Entertainment Earth. According to the email, Entertainment Earth informed a buyer that they would not be able to fulfill their Cara Dune Funko Pop! order because Funko would not be giving them any more shipments of the collectible. As the email goes, Funko has added no explanation for the sudden drop… but the answer seems pretty clear why.

Back when the Gina Carano scandal hit its height just after her firing, it was revealed that Hasbro would no longer be making Cara Dune action figures. According to The Hollywood Reporter, retailer BigBadToyStore explained that they had a situation similar to Funko. Pre-orders were being placed for a second round of Cara Dune figures. (The first round released in 2020 had already sold out.) But they were unfortunately forced to cancel those orders when Hasbro made the move to discontinue the toy.

It’s possible that this lack of Cara Dune merch on the market will make it a hot commodity for people who are still a fan of the character. And over on Amazon, sellers are already jacking the prices up for a Cara Dune Pop! well into the $300s.

Where to buy Cara Dune Funko Pop!

Inventory will probably be scarce — scarcer and scarcer as time goes on unless Funko decides to reverse the decision. But otherwise, you may want to try places like Mercari and eBay (before they get to jacking up their prices as well).

Funko Pop Bounty Hunter collection

In better news, Funko announced that they have a new Star Wars set coming. This set will feature seven Funko Pops! total, and the first Pop! of the series was already announced: Boba Fett. Funko has been making several of these piece-them-together collections for a while now, including a Star Wars one themed around Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.

There’s no telling who the other bounty hunters will be. But it’s likely we’ll see the Mandalorian, Jango Fett, IG-11, Bossk and many more. This set will be available for pre-order over on GameStop for $19.99 a piece, and orders will begin shipping around May 3.

Star Wars Gaming Greats Box

Lastly, there’s a Star Wars-themed Funko loot box coming from GameStop as well. The box features a variety of goodies for Star Wars and Funko fans. There are two Pops!: Revan and Jedi Bastila Shan. Also included is a lanyard, keychain, and an Old Republic emblem patch.

The box is available for pre-order now and will start shipping on May 7.

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