Is Fennec Shand in Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

Fennec Shand in Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Photo: Disney+.
Fennec Shand in Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Photo: Disney+. /

In recent years, we’ve been introduced to many new Star Wars characters outside of the original Skywalker saga movies. And like most other characters, they became instant fan favorites, with people eager to see more of them as time goes on — one of those new characters being Fennec Shand.

Fennec is played by the incredible Ming-Na Wen of back-to-back Disney fame. She’s the voice of the original animated Mulan, she had a lead role in Marvel and ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and in 2019, she joined the Star Wars universe as Shand in The Mandalorian. Needless to say, Ming-Na Wen is a legend, and it’s awesome that Lucasfilm brought her on board for Star Wars.

But as mentioned, Fennec Shand’s first introduction in Star Wars was through The Mandalorian. A skilled assassin, she was a highly sought-after bounty. And Mando teamed up with Toro Calican to try and capture her. After things went wrong and she was eventually left for dead, along came Boba Fett to rehab her and turn the mercenary into an ally. In season 2, Fennec fought side-by-side with Boba Fett and the Mandalorian, and she even helped with the rescue of the Child when he was stolen by Moff Gideon’s Dark Troopers.

That was where Fennec got her start as a character in Star Wars. But have we seen her anywhere else?

Is Fennec Shand in The Clone Wars?

Fennec Shand, of course, was first introduced in a live-action capacity. But she does have an animated role as well. That is to say, no, Fennec Shand did not appear in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. But she will appear in the spinoff to The Clone Wars, titled Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Fennec’s role was briefly teased in the first-look trailer for The Bad Batch, and then Wen herself later confirmed that the character will be in the show.

This should be an interesting time to drop in on Fennec as her path crosses with the Bad Batch. We’ll get a little bit of back story about her character, and we’ll even get to see how she made a name for herself as one of the best assassins in the galaxy. It should certainly be fun to revisit the character in this way — even if that means she won’t be on the good guys’ side.

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