Does Fennec Shand die in Star Wars: The Bad Batch?

Fennec Shand in Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Photo: Disney+.
Fennec Shand in Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Photo: Disney+. /

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is the spinoff series that comes straight from the fan-favorite show Star Wars: The Clone Wars. And as we know, it will follow what happens to Clone Force 99 now that the Clone Wars are over and the Empire is rising.

And what’s more, The Bad Batch will also have a few familiar faces outside of the main cast. For example, we’ve seen Tarkin appear in The Bad Batch trailer. And we also know that Fennec Shand will be appearing in this show as well.

But what will happen to the character in this series? We know that Fennec is an excellent assassin, and she’s to be both feared and revered. Though, does Fennec Shand meet an untimely end in the animated Disney+ series?

Fennec Shand in The Bad Batch

Unless Fennec Shand is a cat with nine lives, there’s no evidence indicating that Fennec dies in The Bad Batch. Of course, as of now, the series has yet to premiere. And the first episodes will drop on May 4 and May 7. But knowing where the Bad Batch takes place on the Star Wars timeline, it’s a clear indicator that Shand makes it out of the series absolutely fine.

We know this, of course, because Shand appears perfectly healthy when we see her in season 1 of The Mandalorian — which was her first appearance in the Star Wars universe. In her premiere episode, we learn that Shand is an assassin with a bounty on her head. And after things go awry between The Mandalorian and Toro Calican, she’s left for dead in the middle of the Tatooine desert. But, it’s revealed later that none other than Boba Fett himself came upon the stranded assassin and brought her back to health.

So, we know that Shand lives through the Clone Wars, the Empire and even the fall of the Empire. But we won’t know exactly what she gets up to in The Bad Batch until it begins streaming on Disney+.

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