LEGO Star Wars leak teases potential Bad Batch spoiler

STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH key art. Photo courtesy of Lucasfilm.
STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH key art. Photo courtesy of Lucasfilm. /

Warning! This story contains potential spoilers for The Bad Batch.

We’ve waited this long for Star Wars: The Bad Batch to premiere. (There’s just under two weeks until its May 4 premiere.) And Star Wars has done quite well holding back any huge spoilers about the upcoming animated series… until now.

As a final warning, if you don’t want the show to be potentially spoiled, turn back now. But otherwise, we’re going to dive into what lies ahead.

Over on Instagram (as the Star Wars Leaks subreddit points out), the spoilers come via a leaked LEGO set for the series. You can see the post here on Instagram from @lego_fulcrum where it outlines the details of a Bad Batch Shuttle set. And as part of the set, it outlines something quite interesting about one of the members of Clone Force 99.

The Bad Batch spoilers

According to the leak, a Crosshair minifigure is included in the set, but he’s wearing an Imperial suit. As we’ve seen in The Bad Batch trailer, Crosshair seems to be missing in a lot of the shots. And (most of) the gang seems strongly against the Empire. So, can we expect one bad egg in this batch?

We do see at some point in the trailer that Tarkin takes interest in the group. So while it may be agreed for most of the Bad Batch that they’re not to trust the Empire, it could be that Crosshair is swayed by the Dark Side and pledges his allegiance to the new Emperor.

Elsewhere on Reddit, a leak of Crosshair’s Black Series figure seems to confirm this take. The figure is called “Crosshair (Imperial)” and contains the following description:

"Formerly a member of the Bad Batch, Crosshair’s loyalties shift after his team defects from Imperial service. Committed to the Empire, Crosshair leads a new squad of enlisted recruits."

As mentioned in the Reddit thread, this description would also mean we’ll be seeing the new regime switch from their clone troopers to recruiting stormtroopers. And it looks like Crosshair will be the one to lead them. What remains to be seen, then, is if Crosshair will continue to serve the Empire through the remainder of the series, or if he will somehow be swayed to leave his post and join his old team as early Rebels.

With that in mind, we’re sure there’s plenty more surprises in store from Star Wars in this new series. And we’re excited to see what the first week of episodes brings on Star Wars Day and on May 7.

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