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The Bad Batch season 1 episode 2: Cut and Run. Photo courtesy of Disney+.
The Bad Batch season 1 episode 2: Cut and Run. Photo courtesy of Disney+. /

We’re still on the first week of the premiere of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. But as of today (Friday, May 7), we’re already being treated to another episode of The Bad Batch.

The season 1 premiere of the animated series kicked off with a bang. The first episode, titled “Aftermath,” followed right where The Clone Wars left off. We got to see Order 66 from the Bad Batch’s perspective (which included a mission with Caleb Dume). And then, we followed the group back to Kamino as they arrived home to a completely different place… or rather, a completely different set of “brothers.”

As we found out, the Bad Batch were more or less immune to Order 66. That is, all but Crosshair, who was able to have his inhibitor chip manipulated to be more compliant. And the crew had to deal with the loss of their long-time companion, adopting Omega in the process, as they grew to resent what this new Empire stood for. That leaves us to today, and Star Wars has unveiled a new preview for episode 2 if you haven’t seen the episode already.

The Bad Batch episode 2 preview trailer

Yes, this trailer is quite brief, at just 14 seconds. But it teases just enough to get us excited for episode 2 of The Bad Batch.

As we learned previously, the group would be making their way to J-19 to meet an old friend. And it looks like this preview has confirmed our suspicions about who’s awaiting them on their journey.

In this trailer, we hear someone ask, “Where’s Crosshair?” as Hunter explains that it’s complicated. We also see the group in a rural-like setting. Walking through fields and even stripping off their armor to wear simpler clothing. (Shoutout to Wrecker’s new hat.) For the briefest second, we also see a Twi’lek woman who has appeared in The Clone Wars before. But if you don’t want any big spoilers about episode 2, we’ll leave it there — because her appearance explains it all.

Luckily if you just can’t wait, The Bad Batch episode 2 is out now on Disney+, so you can watch it ASAP!

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