Watch The Bad Batch season 1 episode 3 trailer

The Bad Batch season 1 episode 3: Replacements. Photo courtesy of Disney+.
The Bad Batch season 1 episode 3: Replacements. Photo courtesy of Disney+. /

Today is the day that Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode 3 is out. And if you haven’t watched the episode already, Star Wars has provided a first look at the episode to get everyone excited.

We’re still early into the season, but so far, things have definitely been exciting every step of the way. In the premiere episode, we learned what happened to Clone Force 99 during the execution of Order 66. And by the end, the group was escaping Kamino, leaving an Empire-seized Crosshair behind and gaining Omega in the process.

In episode 2, the group attempted to spend some time with Cut Lawquane and his family. But that ended up going south after they discovered the Empire no longer made it safe there. With the Lawquanes escaping from their home, and Omega deciding to stay with the Batch, that means the troop will have to keep it moving. To get a preview of what’s next for the Bad Batch in episode 3, you can watch the video in the tweet below.

The Bad Batch episode 3 preview trailer

After being absent from episode 2, Crosshair’s back! But, unfortunately, he’s now sided with the Empire, which means he’s an enemy more than a friend.

In the episode 3 synopsis, Disney+ reveals that the group will be visiting a desolate moon — and somehow that could put them on the same path with Crosshair. But whatever the case, Clone Force 99 may now have to confront their old friend and hopefully ward him off or bring him back.

It seems a bit too early in the season to say for sure if the Batch will convert Crosshair so easily. So they’ll probably have to put up a fight. But at least we’ll get to see what the sharpshooter has been up to under the hands of the Empire. It should be another fascinating episode. And if you’d like to watch for yourself, The Bad Batch episode 3 is streaming now on Disney+.

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