What could we expect from The Bad Batch finale that makes it so emotional?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch official poster. Photo courtesy of Lucasfilm.
Star Wars: The Bad Batch official poster. Photo courtesy of Lucasfilm. /

Although we are early into the series, speculation in the fandom is abound regarding how the story of Clone Force 99 will end in the Disney+ animated series, The Bad Batch.

With a 70-minute premiere episode and regular weekly installments, the groundwork for a stunning season finale has very much been set in the latest Star Wars story. Already established are the primary cast as well as the villains they will be facing off against. But what clues does this give us about the finale?

The show takes place after the events of The Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith as the new Empire has consumed the Republic and taken over the galaxy under the iron-fisted rule of the self-declared Emperor Palpatine. Is it possible we will be in for a showdown with one of the Empire’s top agents? Could Darth Vader or even Palpatine himself be in for a final villain appearance?

Viewers could be in for a spectacular finale at the end of The Bad Batch

Already in the season, we have been graced with the animated presence of one of the Imperial higherups, Admiral Tarkin (not yet the Grand Moff) as well as the holographic appearance of the Emperor as he gives the command to execute Order 66.

A more likely scenario would be the involvement of the teams’ former brother in arms Crosshair who remained in service to the new Empire when his squamates decided to flee Kamino. This would certainly make sense and lend credence to a recent tweet by Bad Batch score composers, the Kiner Brothers, who are teasing a deeply emotional finale for the new series.

Emmy award-winning musician Kevin Kiner was responsible for composing the score for The Clone Wars, notably the emotional departure of Ahsoka Tano at the end of the series, the music for which received huge acclaim.

It is worth mentioning that while the galaxy is still full of clones in the age of the Empire and closer towards the time setting of the original trilogy, the number of active former Republic soldiers is in short supply. In another animated Star Wars show, Rebels, we had the chance to catch up with some aging clones such as Rex, Wolfe and Gregor. There was however no sight of Clone Force 99. Much like the members of Rogue One, it’s possible the renegade clones met their demise whilst on the run from the Empire.

As with much of recent Star Wars content, there is also the possibility for a small cameo appearance from a franchise favorite. Active characters around this time include Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Boba Fett, all of whom are set to receive their own live-action shows. A small appearance to tease their upcoming series would not be remiss.

Just what the team at Lucasfilm has in store for us is anyone’s guess, but we can be sure the story’s conclusion will be full of emotional twists and turns as well as the accompanying soundtrack to bring it home.

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