The Bad Batch recap: Episode 4 ‘Cornered’ ending explained

Star Wars: The Bad Batch, “Cornered,” now streaming on Disney+! Photo: Disney+
Star Wars: The Bad Batch, “Cornered,” now streaming on Disney+! Photo: Disney+ /

Warning! Spoilers follow for The Bad Batch episode 4, “Cornered.”

Just when the Bad Batch is “getting the hang of this civilian thing,” a supposedly simple supply run turns into another blaster fight — this one against a bounty hunter — and more stressful trials of fatherhood as Omega learns the ins and outs of the galaxy. All that and more happened in The Bad Batch episode 4, titled “Cornered.”

Things aren’t looking so hot for Clone Force 99 and their adopted daughter, Omega. They may have escaped Kamino with the clone girl and their ship, but they’re running low on fuel and just ate the last of their rations. They need a place to lay low for a while, but first, they need to do a supply run. And as with most situations with the Bad Batch, the supply run on the planet Pantora is anything but easy and quiet.

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The Bad Batch episode 4 ending explained

By the end of the episode, the Bad Batch gained another hunter on their tail: bounty hunter Fennec Shand (voiced by The Mandalorian’s Ming-Na Wen). Omega — and possibly the rest of the Bad Batch — is Fennec’s target, but we don’t yet know who sent the assassin to find them. “Cornered” wraps up with Hunter explaining the concept of a bounty hunter to Omega and telling her that they have to figure out who hired her. The scene cuts to Fennec paying the shipyard boss Raspar Six for the tip about the Bad Batch’s ship, then sending a comm to her boss: “the target got away, but I’ll find her.”

Before all that happened, the Bad Batch landed in a shipping depot on Pantora with two main missions: buy supplies and changing their ship’s signature to avoid being tracked. When Tech and Wrecker are approached by depot manager Raspar Six, they convince him with credits to not scan their ship into the system. However, the Sullustan contacts Fennec and says he found the ship she’s been looking for.

While Tech and Wrecker (truly, one of the funniest duos in all of Star Wars) stay behind and work on the ship, Hunter, Omega and Echo head into town for supplies. Omega is mesmerized by the city, only the second one she’s ever seen. There are people everywhere selling food and gear, speeding above her on various transport vehicles and just walking around the port. The three even see another chain code post with the same holo of Admiral Rampart advising citizens to exchange their Republic credits.

At one point, they see a crowd of people cheering as lines of white-armored troopers marches past. Hunter tells Omega they’re celebrating the end of the war and she asks, “isn’t that a good thing?” Echo tells her, “Depends which side you’re on.”

The three head to a stall to sell supplies for credits, but the merchant asks to buy Hunter’s droid (Echo is wearing a helmet that makes him look like a droid) instead of his explosive disc. Echo balks at the idea of being sold as a droid, but Hunter convinces him so they can get the credits. Don’t worry, Hunter tells him, they aren’t leaving him there.

Omega, meanwhile, is playing with a small trooper doll and walks outside when she sees a cargo box of adorable voorpak puppies. One of the pups snatches the doll, and Omega chases after them. Nearby, Fennec Shand is watching her as she runs farther away from Hunter.

When Omega realizes she’s lost, Fennec approaches her and tells her she can help find her way back to her friends. When Hunter finally finds Omega, he tells her to step away from Fennec. There’s a brief standoff before Hunter and Fennec start firing at each other, which turns into an all-out fight in the streets and skies of Pantora’s port.

Hunter signals back to the ship and Echo that he’s “made a bit of noise out here” and they need the ship to be ready to fly ASAP. Echo easily escapes the merchant’s stall with his new droid workers in tow to fix the ship. Tech goes inside the ship to track Hunter and Omega through the port’s security cams and then sends Wrecker to get her in a maintenance tunnel. Wrecker finds Omega and picks her up, but Fennec finds them. In a moment reminiscent of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson saying “daddy’s gotta go to work” in Furious 7, Wrecker tells Omega to get to the ship, puts on his helmet and glares at Fennec.

“You mess with the kid, you mess with me,” he tells her.

And then Fennec knocks him out. Oh well, great effort, Wrecker.

The stressful, climactic moment of the episode comes as Hunter and Fennec are racing and firing at one another among the spaceport traffic as Omega dangles from a maintenance tower, falls onto a cargo vehicle and then dangles again from a loose strap. As Hunter catches Omega seconds before she hits the ground, he throws the explosive disc (that he couldn’t sell to the merchant) at Fennec’s vehicle and it explodes, throwing her to the ground.

All that commotion activates local law enforcement, who speed to the scene as the Bad Batch flees in their ship and Fennec looks on with a burning vehicle behind her.

Explosions, death-defying rescues and escaping a highly-skilled bounty hunter — all in a day’s work for the Bad Batch, even though this was supposed to be just a supply run. Now, instead of hiding out on the uninhabited celestial body Idaflor, the Bad Batch has to figure out who is hunting Omega and how to stop them.

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The Bad Batch episodes 1-4 are available to stream now on Disney+. Episode 5 drops next Friday, May 28.