The Bad Batch episode 5 synopsis, title, and runtime revealed

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Rampage"
Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Rampage" /

The Bad Batch episode 5 has Hulk Smash’d its way onto Disney+ bringing with it more adventures with this band of clones on the run.

Last week’s episode, “Cornered,” had the Dad Batch fighting Fennec Shand to save Omega, establishing there’s a bounty for her collection. In this week’s episode, it looks like they’ve managed to ditch Fennec but that doesn’t mean they’re out of the woods yet.

Each new installment of this series has revealed a piece of the narrative puzzle, and it’s likely episode 5 is no different. Though it seems our crew could get banged up along the way.

What’s the next danger the Bad Batch is about to fall into? Here’s what we know!

The Bad Batch episode 5 synopsis, title, and runtime

Episode 5 of The Bad Batch is called “Rampage” which means we’re in for some smash, crash, and bash! Buckle up, Batchers, because it looks like someone or multiple characters are cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

While we don’t know who’s going to be doling out the hits, the trailer for the episode gives us a hint. This is a series, after all, that’s thrown in more than a little sight-seeing from its planet -hopping to its increasing encyclopedia of space creatures, and we have yet another entry to add to our books.

As for what prompts the rampage, the synopsis gives us a smidgen of a clue:

"The Batch strike a deal to take on a mission."

It’s not much but at least we know our misfit crew could be taking their first steps into being guns for hire. From an elite task force to mercenaries seems about the right transition for the Batch with their specific skill sets.

This rampage lasts 26 minutes. Stars help whoever is on the other side of the impending pummeling.

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The Bad Batch episode 5, “Rampage” is now streaming on Disney+.