Is Star Wars: Squadrons multiplayer?

In October 2020, gamers were treated to the first modern Star Wars aerial combat video game in Star Wars: Squadrons.

While Squadrons was not the first-ever aerial/space combat game in the franchise (that honor goes to 1993’s Star Wars: X-Wing) it is the first in the modern era of Star Wars content.

The game is fully equipped with a story mode taking place in the days following the destruction of the second Death Star as seen in Return of the Jedi and follows the exploits of both Rebel and Imperial aces alike.

There are even some familiar faces found in the campaign such as Hera Syndulla from Rebels and Admiral Sloane, who first appeared in a variety of canon novels and comic series.

Does Star Wars: Squadrons come with a multiplayer mode?

A story-based campaign is an important part of any Star Wars game, but for some the real meat comes from a competitive multiplayer component. So, does Squadrons deliver?

It sure does. Squadrons is equipped with a fully-realized multiplayer component consisting of two distinct modes. The first is Dogfight and it goes as one might expect. Two teams of five face off against each other in a race to destroy the most enemy ships.

The second is Fleet Battles, which is a lengthier, more involved game type that has a mix of ship-to-ship combat and goal-oriented mechanics over multiple stages.

Much of the gameplay is based off of the aerial combat as seen in the recent Battlefront games, in which the ship combat was a secondary mini-game. In Squadrons, however, the vehicular warfare has been fully fleshed out, worthy of its own game.

Star Wars: Squadrons is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

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