What time does Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode 7 release?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Decommissioned." Photo: Disney+.
Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Decommissioned." Photo: Disney+. /

Are you still watching and enjoying Star Wars: The Bad Batch? Fans of the animated series The Clone Wars better be keeping up with the latest Disney+ show, which has proved to even be very entertaining for newer fans of a galaxy far, far away. While some might not be as familiar with the characters, the storyline and action sequences have been just awesome to watch.

And, now that we’re six episodes into the premiere season, the plot is starting to heat up a bit. We know that the titular group’s new friend Omega is more valuable than we initially thought, and now they’re on a mission to figure out why someone would be after her. Along the way, we’ve met new characters like Cid the Trandoshan, and have seen familiar faces such as Fennec Shand and Rafa and Trace Martez.

We cannot wait to find out what’ll happen next during The Bad Batch episode 7 and beyond (fingers crossed Ahsoka Tano makes an appearance at some point), as we continue watching season 1.

If you need to find out the basic information about The Bad Batch episode 7 to get ready for your watch party, don’t worry, we’ve got you.

The Bad Batch episode 7 release time

Less than a day to go to watch the next episode! The Bad Batch episode 7 will debut on Friday, June 11 during its usual timeslot of 12:01 a.m. PT / 3:01 a.m. ET. That means if you’re planning to stay up late tonight to tune in, you better get the coffee brewing!

And if you want to get your beauty sleep, the new episode will be ready for you whenever you wake up on Friday morning.

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