Did you catch this Jedi: Fallen Order reference in The Bad Batch episode 7?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Battle Scars." Photo: Disney+.
Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Battle Scars." Photo: Disney+. /

Episode 7 of The Bad Batch had Clone Force 99 head to the world of Bracca. However, this wasn’t the first time Star Wars fans have laid eyes on the world. Astute fans of the saga may remember this junk-ridden planet from the 2019 video game Jedi: Fallen Order.

What possibilities lie in store for the rogue clones on this world-sized ship-graveyard?

For gamers familiar with the plot, Bracca was the home of Jedi padawan and Order 66 survivor Cal Kestis. The young Jedi in training was the main character of the game, in which players battle the ruthless Imperial Inquisitors, tasked with hunting down any remnants of the Jedi order.

Kestis begins his story on the derelict world of Bracca, the same planet that Clone Force 99 finds themselves on for most of episode 7, “Battle Scars,” in which the squad learns more about the brain-altering inhibitor chips that each of them possesses. Aside from the planet’s familiar landscape from the game, there is only one direct reference to Fallen Order in the episode in the form of the Scrapper Guild, who appeared in the game.

Will Cal Kestis appear in The Bad Batch?

With the clones remaining on the world at the end of the episode, the possibility of the two stories crossing over remains. Fallen Order takes place around five years after the end of the Clone Wars. This would mean that Kestis is still a young boy by the time Clone Force 99 appears on the world.

We know that Kestis is indeed on the world at the same time as the clones, but whether he will actually appear in the show, only the future can tell!

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