The Bad Batch recap: Episode 9 ‘Bounty Lost’ ending explained

Star Wars: The Bad Batch "Bounty Lost"
Star Wars: The Bad Batch "Bounty Lost" /

Warning! Spoilers ahead for The Bad Batch episode 9, “Bounty Lost.”

This week’s episode of The Bad Batch shows a visually stunning and daring rescue mission, some top-notch bounty hunter brawling and a revelation about Omega’s importance to the clone-creating Kaminoans.

In the previous episode, Omega was captured by the notorious Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane after the Bad Batch tried to escape from Crosshair and the Empire on Bracca. By the end of episode 9, Omega is safe and sound back with her adopted dads after intense standoffs with two bounty hunters and a terrifying plunge in a flight pod. “Bounty Lost” also further showcased Omega’s courage and ingenuity even in the face of certain danger — proving she’s no fragile little girl in need of rescue. This clone saves herself.

The Bad Batch episode 9 ending explained

The episode begins right where we left the Bad Batch last week — fighting off Crosshair’s ship in the skies over Bracca, trying to escape the Empire and formulate a plan to rescue Omega from Cad Bane.

On the bounty hunter’s ship, Omega wakes up in a cell, classic western music playing again when Cad Bane climbs down to check on his “asset.” Cad Bane then checks in via holo with his Kaminoan client, Prime Minister Lama Su. They arrange a rendezvous at an abandoned facility on Bora Vio, and Nala Se insists on being the one to retrieve Omega and give the credit bounty to Cad Bane. However, Lama Su tells Nala Se that her interest in Omega has caused enough trouble, so he’s sending Taun We instead.

Once Omega is retrieved, Lama Su tells Nala Se, she will be terminated once her genetic material is extracted.

On the Bad Batch ship, Echo explains Cad Bane’s notoriety during the Clone Wars, his run-ins with the Jedi and his attempt to kidnap then-chancellor Palpatine. Tech also explains why the Kaminoans want Omega back so badly. It turns out, she’s not just a clone, she has pure first-generation DNA from Jango Fett. While the other clones were modified with accelerated growth, strength and skills from Jango’s DNA, omega is a genetic replica — albeit a female one.

And, there are only two pure genetic replica clones known to exist: Omega and “Alpha,” Boba Fett.

Back on Cad Bane’s ship, Omega successfully convinces the droid Todo 360 to let her out of her cell so she can help fix his leg (Hunter shot it off on Bracca). She fixes his leg but also shuts him down temporarily so she can rummage around for her comm device. She finds it just in time as the ship lands at an abandoned Kaminoan facility on Bora Vio — its pastel-colored clouds reminiscent of Bespin.

Omega manages to get a weak signal to the Bad Batch before Cad Bane finds her and smashes her comm device. Then, Todo 360 informs them another ship has arrived, and they turn to the corner to see Taun We lying on the ground, Fennec Shand above her holding the case of credits. A brief standoff between Fennec and Cad Bane before the first of several fights ensue.

Meanwhile, Omega, still cuffed, runs into one of the abandoned Kaminoan labs and sees a circle of large test tanks with specimens still inside. Nearby, she finds a command computer and works to bring the facility’s signal back up so the Bad Batch can find her.

Elsewhere, Fennec briefly knocks out Cad Bane and finds Omega. She tries to tell her that she’s trying to help her and that the Kaminoan prime minister wants her for nefarious reasons. Omega gets away by knocking over a gross specimen tank on Fennec, running outside to head to one of the flight pod decks.

While Omega slowly climbs down a plunging ladder to the flight deck, Fennec and Cad Bane fight again above her. She escapes in one of the flight pods, battling Todo 360 the whole way. But then the pod’s engines begin to fail, putting the pod in a terrifying drop. Just in time, the Bad Batch arrive, catching the pod and getting Omega out, safe and sound.

All the trauma catches up to her, and Omega hugs and cries into Hunter, asking why this is happening to her and why the Kaminoans are after her. He tells her, “You’re valuable to them, more than all the other clones. You’re different.”

While Cad Bane has lost his bounty and his credits, he also finds his ship has been sabotaged so that he can’t leave the planet. On Fennec’s ship, she contacts Nala Se, who says as long as Omega is not in the hands of Lama Su, then she is safe. So, while the prime minister is eager to get Omega back to use her DNA to continue the clone program, Nala Se appears to care personally for the girl and just wants to see her safe.

Later, on the Bad Batch ship, Omega confides in Hunter about the stress she’s still feeling after a traumatic experience.

“I keep thinking about the Kaminoans… and that place,” she says. “I don’t want to end up an experiment in a tube.”

She tells Hunter the Kaminoans will keep sending bounty hunters after her and that the Bad Batch can’t fight them all.

“You are never going back to Kamino,” Hunter says. “I promise.”

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The Bad Batch episode 9, “Bounty Lost,” is now available to stream. Episode 10 drops next Friday, July 2, on Disney+.